Ghostwire Tokyo Chapters: How Many Chapters Ghostwire Tokyo?

Ghostwire Tokyo Chapters: How Many Chapters Ghostwire Tokyo
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Ghostwire: Tokyo is an action-packed adventure that takes place in Japan after the end of the world has wreaked havoc on the country. Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One users may now get their hands on Ghostwire: Tokyo.

It is a first-person action game similar to titles like Dishonored, with the primary emphasis being on combat in close quarters and the use of supernatural powers. It takes place in a fantastical setting, much like most other games in this genre do, too.

The following is a question that a player who is contemplating playing Ghostwire: Tokyo may be thinking about how many chapters in Ghostwire Tokyo?

The good news is that not only do we know how long it will take you to finish the game, but we also know How many main missions are in Ghostwire Tokyo in order to earn the 100% completion trophy at the end of the game.

How Many Chapters in Ghostwire Tokyo?

How Many Chapters in Ghostwire Tokyo?

The storyline of Ghostwire: Tokyo is divided into a total of six substantial parts that are referred to as chapters. Every chapter is broken up into several portions by a wide range of activities that are carried out for a variety of amounts of time.

In contrast, the chapters that are the shortest could just have two distinct tasks for you to do, but the chapters that are the longest can have as many as five different things for you to do.

During your time spent playing the video game Ghostwire: Tokyo, you will find that there are a total of 17 distinct goals for you to complete. These objectives are dispersed over the game’s six core chapters, allowing you to approach them in a sequential manner as you go through the story.

Ghostwire Tokyo Chapters

Ghostwire Tokyo Chapters

We have produced a list of Ghostwire Tokyo Chapters below in order to make things simpler for you, and they are as follows:

  • Chapter 1: Beginnings
    1. The Vanishing
    2. City of Shadows
  • Chapter 2: Trouble
    1. KK
    2. Clearing the Fog
    3. A Maze of Death
    4. The Buried Life
    5. The Caves of Steel
  • Chapter 3: Connection
    1. Pillar of Light
    2. Blindness
    3. Agony
  • Chapter 4: Contortion
    1. Giants
    2. The Black Tower
  • Chapter 5: Severance
    1. Family
    2. Tokyo Tower
  • Chapter 6: Binding
    1. Mari
    2. Gate to the Underworld
    3. Farewells

You’ll discover a range of additional projects for you to do tucked away in different sections of each chapter.

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Even though achieving these goals isn’t required to have a solid comprehension of what’s going on, you’ll still need to do so if you want to earn the coveted Ghostwire Tokyo platinum trophy and reach the milestone of having finished the game.

In addition to this, there are collectibles that may be found, and the process of looking for them will consume a great deal more of your time than the search for the other objects would.

Points of No Return

In a similar vein, there are a few points of no return, which are locations beyond which it is no longer possible to return to previously visited territory. These points may be found in certain areas of the world.

To be more specific, they take place in Chapter 4, and if you want to go back and pick up any collectibles that you may have missed, you will need to make sure that you have saved the game under a different name.

If you do not save the game under a different name, you will not be able to go back and pick up any collectibles that you may have missed.

Ghostwire Tokyo Length: How Long Is Tokyo Ghostwire?

Ghostwire Tokyo Length: How Long Is Tokyo Ghostwire?

It should take you around 11 hours to complete Ghostwire: Tokyo if you go through each of the game’s chapters. (The timings of 56 different players were noted, and the statistics were calculated based on the averages of those timings).

If you want to beat the game with a perfect score of one hundred percent and finish it in its entirety, you should plan on spending at least thirty-six hours doing so.

On the other hand, considering how entertaining the battles are and how breathtaking the setting is, this shouldn’t provide too much of a challenge in any way at all.

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Ghostwire Trophy Guide

Ghostwire Trophy Guide

Are you contemplating adding a platinum trophy for Ghostwire: Tokyo to your collection so that you can brag about all of your accomplishments and demonstrate how much effort you’ve put in?

You will find in-depth instructions on how to get every conceivable distinction in the game’s official Ghostwire trophy guide, which can be located further down on this page.

In the Ghostwire trophy guide, you should also be able to get the instructions on how to acquire the prize.

  • List of Ghostwire

The following is a list of some of the 57 trophies that may be acquired by completing the many tasks that are dispersed throughout your adventure with flying colors:

  • 1 Ghostwire Tokyo Platinum Trophy
  • 2 Ghostwire Tokyo Gold Trophies
  • 4 Ghostwire Tokyo Silver Trophies
  • 50 Ghostwire Tokyo Bronze Trophies

Ghostwire Tokyo Platinum Trophy

  1. Ghostwire Tokyoite – Acquire all trophies

Ghostwire Tokyo Gold Trophy

  1. Hero of Shibuya – Complete the main story after transferring 100% of the spirits in the city
  2. Trendsetter -Acquire all items for the Outfit menu (excluding bonus content)

Ghostwire Tokyo Silver Trophy

  1. Savior of All – Transfer 100% of the spirits in the city
  2. Wishmaker– Complete all side missions
  3. Collector – Acquire all relics
  4. Power Overwhelming – Acquire all sets of prayer beads

Ghostwire Tokyo Bronze Trophy

  1. Beginnings – Complete Chapter 1.
  2. Trouble – Complete Chapter 2
  3. Connection – Complete Chapter 3
  4. Contortion – Complete Chapter 4
  5. Severance – Complete Chapter 5
  6. Binding -Complete Chapter 6
  7. Conclusions -Complete the Main Story
  8. Helping Hand – transfer 25% of the spirits in the city
  9. Savior – Transfer 50% of the spirits in the city
  10. Problem Solver – Complete a side mission
  11. Opening a Path – Cleanse a torii gate
  12. Liberator – Cleanse all torii gates
  13. Treasure Hunter – Acquire a relic
  14. Mind and Body – Unlock all skills. Check out our Abilities Guide for help.
  15. On the Same Wavelength -Raise your synergy level to the max.
  16. Shibuya Is My Back Yard – Find all landmarks
  17. Echoes of the Past – Find a voice log
  18. The Whole Truth – Acquire all voice logs
  19. It’s All Thanks to Yokai – Acquire a magatama
  20. With Their Powers Combined – Acquire all magatama.
  21. Roadside Spirituality – Pray to a Jizo Statue
  22. Pilgrim – Pray to all Jizo Statues.
  23. Your Tail’s Showing – Find all of the missing tanuki.
  24. Gourmand – Acquire all types of food and drink
  25. DJ Akito – Acquire all music tracks
  26. Talismania – Acquire all talismans
  27. Boundless Spirit – Acquire the maximum number of katashiro
  28. Animal Lover – Pet an animal
  29. Amateur Photographer – Use photo mode for the first time
  30. You Wouldn’t Steal a Spirit – Successfully protect at least 3 Containment Cubes in a single battle
  31. Don’t Worry About It – Pull a “Daikyo” omikuji
  32. Better Together – Fuse back with KK after being hit by a severance attack
  33. Visiting Hours Are Over – Defeat every type of Visitor
  34. Heartbreaker – Defeat a Visitor by pulling out its core
  35. Soul Breaker – Defeat 50 Visitors by pulling out their cores
  36. One Fell Swoop – Defeat at least 5 Visitors simultaneously by pulling out their cores
  37. Couldn’t Take the Heat – Defeat at least 3 Visitors simultaneously by detonating a red ether crystal
  38. Silent Kill – Defeat a total of 200 Visitors using Quick Purge
  39. Take a Bow – Defeat a total of 50 Visitors using the bow
  40. Go For the Eyes – Defeat a total of 20 Visitors with headshots
  41. Sniper – Defeat a Visitor with a headshot from a distance of at least 40m
  42. Freeze, Scumbag – Defeat a total of 10 Visitors with Quick Purge while they are held by a Stun Talisman.
  43. A Shrubbery! – Defeat a total of 3 Visitors with Quick Purge while hiding in bushes created by a Thicket Talisman.
  44. Left Yourself Open – Defeat a total of 10 Visitors by ripping out their cores after exposing them with an Exposure Talisman.
  45. Master of Blocking – Perform a total of 30 Perfect Blocks.
  46. In Sync – Wire In a total of 10 times.
  47. Walking on Air – Grapple and glide to remain in the air for at least 10 seconds.
  48. Big Spender – Spend a total of 1,000,000 meika.
  49. Pious – Put a total of 10,000 meika into offering boxes.
  50. Lonely Tsukimi – Spend at least 30 seconds looking at the moon.

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Ghostwire Tokyo Endings Explained

Ghostwire Tokyo Endings Explained

In the Ghostwire Tokyo Ending, Aklito and KK engage in combat against Hannya, who has mutated into an amalgamation composed of all of the adversaries players have faced up to this point.

In the end, Hannya is not successful in achieving her goal. After a lengthy battle, Akito and KK are victorious against their adversary, but they only escape the predicament with their lives by the skin of their teeth.

Since Hannya is no longer a part of their reality, the ghosts of The Vanished have been set free and are now able to “return to normal.”

Despite this, by the time we reach the Ghostwire Tokyo Ending, we have learned almost nothing about Hannya, the major antagonist of the game, other than the dreadful history of his family.

In the last chapter of Ghostwire: Tokyo, Akito carries on a discussion with different versions of his parents who now reside in the hereafter.

After that, his parents provide him a helping hand as he ushers his sister Mari and themselves into the afterlife together.

KK asks Akito to deliver a message to his wife and child on his behalf as they make their way up the stairs to leave the building.

After Akito has granted permission, the soul of KK will separate from Akito’s body, and Akito will then go to the hereafter in place of KK.

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Ghostwire Tokyo Gameplay

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