Multiversus Trailer Reveals a New Playable Character: The Joker “Get a Load of me”

The Joker
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Wait till they get a load of me! The Joker is officially coming to Multiversus. In an awesome trailer, Multiversus revealed its new and classic playable character “The Joker”. Multiversus is going to relaunch on the 28th of this month as a free-to-play game on the Xbox Series, PS5, PS4, Epic Games Store, and Steam. This time Multiversus will feature a bigger roster than last time, including characters like Wonder Woman, Batman, Shaggy, and Black Adam, among many others.

This is Actually a Good-Looking Joker

I must say, this is actually a good-looking joker we have got to see in a long time. The classic look of Joker with a spiked hairstyle is just amazing. The spiked hairstyle is giving him a modern and polished look. I think the character of joker is going to be a treat for the multiversus fans. Can’t wait for what Joker has for us in store.

Exciting and Action-Packed Gameplay is Expected

We can see Joker using the iconic crowbar in his combat. We can expect a lot of action and fun in this game. I think Joker is going to give a tough time to his opponents with his magical powers. The fact that he can defeat not only Bugs and Bunny but Shaggy at the same time shows that Joker is the most dangerous character in the game.

Joker is Going to be Our Favorite Mage Character

The Director of Multiversus Tony Huynh shared on Twitter that “the Joker is but the beginning. Excited my favorite villain of all time is going to be in Multiversus”. I think Joker is going to be our favorite mage character after Tom and Jerry. Can’t wait to see Joker in action!

The Joker is Voiced by Mark Hamill

The Joker is voiced by the renowned actor Mark Hamill. We are going to hear him and the late Kevin Conroy as Joker and Batman in multiversus. It’s been a while since we lost Kevin Conroy, but it’s always a thrill to see him show up one last time to face Hamill’s Joker. This could be one of the last appearances of these two legendary actors together. Looking forward to it.

Joker’s Entry to Multiversus Made it More Interesting

Multiversus fans finally had some new content. Joker’s entry into it has made it even more interesting and attractive. It has also increased our curiosity about the gameplay experience. I was worried about the game’s future because of how people were reacting on Twitter. I hope Multiversus just lives on because it’s just a different experience.

This Time Multiversus is Going to be Worth the Wait

So far, the game seems improved, promising, and worth the wait. They have made tons of improvements to the game to make it more interesting and thrilling for the fans. The entry of new characters and updated engines seems to give the game a new look. I am so hyped to see the Joker in the game as his entry is going to make it amazing and worth playing.

Get Ready to Experience a Bigger and Better Game

Like everybody else, I am also excited to see what else is to come from Multiversus. This time, we are going to experience a big game. The entry of the Joker in the Multiversus is going to take this game to new heights. What do you guys think about this? Can’t stop myself from talking and speculating about it.  Which character are you most excited about? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section.

Written by Saadia Malik


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