Spooky News: Ghostwire: Tokyo For Xbox One Releases In April

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“A substantial, free update is being published with the Xbox port, and it will be compatible with all platforms.”

Ghostwire: Tokyo, a horrifying and action-packed ethesda game, is coming to Xbox. In 2017, Ghostwire was made available for the PlayStation 5 and Windows. The developer has announced that the game will be available for Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox One S, and Xbox Game Pass on April 12.

Ghostwire: Tokyo – The Official Trailer (Xbox)

Video Source: XBOX

What’s new about the Xbox version of Ghostwire: Tokyo?

It comes with certain customization options.

Waves of Foes

The first is an action-oriented game mode in which players may fight off waves of enemies over 120+ levels and earn new skills as they go.

The Addition of New Story Options

There will be more story material for players who have already completed the main campaign, such as a middle school chapter and extended cutscenes.

The Arrival of New Challengers

Now, two new enemies have been introduced to the game, “the invisible Silent Gaze” and “elusive Retribution”.

Ghostwire: Tokyo – Spider’s Thread Update Trailer

The major free update to Ghostwire, codenamed “Spider’s Thread,” and the release of the new platform are also scheduled for April 12th.

Video Source: Bethesda Softworks

Whether you’re a seasoned ghost hunter eager for more to do or a first-time player venturing into a modern Tokyo beset by paranormal occurrences, we hope you enjoy this massive free update to Tango Gameworks’ spooky open world action-adventure.

Spider’s Thread is a substantial improvement to Ghostwire: Tokyo’s main narrative campaign that also introduces a new gameplay option. Some of the enhancements that could be discovered in this no-cost update are as follows:

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Try Your Hand at a Whole New Game Mode!

You may now choose “The Spider’s Thread” from the game’s main menu for a new challenge. There are almost 130 unique levels in the game’s 30-stage “gauntlet.” It won’t be easy, but if you can make it through the levels and accomplish the objectives, you’ll be rewarded with access to some very powerful upgrades. By descending the Spider’s Thread, skilled Ghostwire players may level up, unlock new powers, and eventually conquer this game.

Improved Photo Mode and Other Enhancements!

The newest update to Ghostwire: Tokyo Spider’s Thread adds a plethora of new mysteries to unravel. Use the updated Photo Mode, which lets you apply stamps to images, to capture this memorable moment in time forever.

Picture Mode in the game allows players to utilize virtual game models obtained from capsule machines located across Tokyo to create supernatural self-portraits.

Strengthen Yourself Against Unknown Threats

Gamers must defend the streets of Tokyo against the evil, otherworldly Visitors who have invaded the city. In Ghostwire: Tokyo Spider’s Thread, Akito now has access to the Counter-Attack, Quick Dodging, and the Charge Rush, an extension of your Ethereal Weaving skill that transforms your Palm Strike into an elementally charged melee attack. New talismans, such as the Tengu Wind, which can be used to generate lift and the Spiritual Fountain, which can be used to replenish Ether when it is depleted, are also present.

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Fresh threats have emerged in Tokyo, so you’ll be relieved to have so many backup plans ready to go. The fast Retribution, the hushed Silent Gaze, and the soaring Sanguine Dancer are just some of the new Visitors you should be on the lookout for in the alleys. With Akito’s enhanced powers and KK at your side, you’ll be able to save not just his family but all of Tokyo as well.

Bottom Line

Although we would want to spill the beans on all the awesome new features and fixes coming to Ghostwire: Tokyo in April’s Spider’s Thread update, certain information is better left under wraps for now. After all, the suspense is what makes a ghost story worthwhile.

Beginning on April 12, all Ghostwire: Tokyo players will be able to download the free Spider’s Thread upgrade and enter a realm where ghosts, myths, and urban stories roam the streets of modern Tokyo.

To learn more about Ghostwire: Tokyo, go to the official site.

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