Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: All You Need to Know as a Beginner

Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
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You have heard about a mechanical gaming keyboard but are not able to decide whether it’s worth it or not. You are not sure about its features, usage and need. This article is for those who are not sure about what a mechanical gaming keyboard is and why is a mechanical keyboard for gaming? Mechanical keyboards are definitely preferred over membrane keyboards for many reasons and, you will get to know why? We are here to guide you! This article is going to answer most of your questions and will help you to clear all your doubts.

Computer Peripherals Can Make or Break Your Gaming Experience

You know how much computer accessories are important for the overall gaming experience. As a gamer, you know that having the right keyboard can uplift your game. There are mainly two types of keyboards based on types of switch technology. One is a mechanical keyboard and the other is a membrane keyboard. Through this article you will get to know about mechanical gaming keyboards and why they are the best gaming keyboards.

What is a Mechanical Gaming Keyboard?

Mechanical keyboards are made of spring-activated plastic key switches. All the keyboards look similar and are basically mechanical. What’s special about mechanical keyboard is its spring-activated switches underneath the keycaps. These switches make the difference and you can actually feel the keyboard.

Mechanical Gaming Keyboards are Actually Customizable

All the mechanical keyboards are customizable. The most interesting fact about mechanical gaming keyboards is that you can actually customize them. You can customize keycaps and switches. You can customize colors and layouts. Some mechanical keyboards have multiple frame and body options while others have few.

Are There Cheap Mechanical Gaming Keyboards?

You might think that mechanical keyboards must be expensive. Well, that’s not the case! You can get a cheap mechanical keyboard as well. The starting price of a mechanical keyboard is $55. You can even get them below $55, if there is an offer and a sale going on. So mechanical keyboards are only expensive if you want them to be.

Are Mechanical Keyboards Better for Gaming?

Mechanical keyboards are undoubtedly much better for gaming than average keyboards. You will press a key halfway and it will send signals. You can even speed-up by using fast-activating switches. You can create shortcuts and multiple layers if your keyboard is programmable. All these features lead to a better and faster gaming set up.

Is 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Worth it?

A 60% mechanical keyboard is undoubtedly suitable for gaming and other tasks. Though it lacks some extra keys but it does not affect its functionality. It’s definitely worth it and many gamers prefer it for its minimalistic style and efficient performance.

Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming

There are numbers of mechanical keyboards available in the market. Here are the best mechanical keyboard for gaming you can consider buying;

Keychron V5 Max

Cooler Master CK552

The Razer BlackWidow V4 75%

Yunzii YZ87

Aula F99

Tecware Phantom+

Yunzii B75

Dareu EK 75 Pro

This is not the ultimate list but we have compiled this after research and experience.

Are Mechanical Keyboards Durable?

Mechanical keyboards are ideal for gaming. They last longer than those of membrane keyboards. They can handle 10x more than average keyboards and are easy to repair. They are designed to last millions of keystrokes which make them durable and reliable.


Mechanical gaming keyboards are undoubtedly better than average keyboards. They are more efficient, durable and reliable. You can actually customize them and enjoy a faster and better gaming experience. That’s why they are preferred over membrane computers by gamers. You do not need to buy expensive mechanical computers. There are cheap mechanical keyboards, also which are equally worth it.

Written by Saadia Malik

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