Marvel rivals revealed a new cool character: the strategist loki

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Marvel Rivals have released the Loki trailer and we cannot wait for the game to be released. It is going to be a third-person shooter game, similar to games like Over watch. According to its developers, a third-person shooter allows players to personify the superheroes and villains they are playing as. Loki is the first hero revealed in Marvel Rivals. You will be seeing him tricking his enemies by creating clones. Loki is definitely going to make the game play more interesting.

Loki Is My Favorite Character So Far!

After the launch of Loki, players are already excited to choose from different heroes and villains spread over the multiverse. The exciting part is that Loki does not look easy. It is going to be tough especially if someone masters his moves. Because of his strength and abilities, Loki already become my favorite character.

Your Powers Are Mine!

Loki seems the strongest character of Marvel Rivals with an agenda to dominate and take control of an area known as Yggsgard. Loki with his exceptional moves and powers can create decoys and duplicates. We can hear him saying “Your powers are mine”. It seems Loki is going to play strategically and won’t spare any chance to achieve victory.

Source: GameSpot Trailers

Marvel Rivals Have A Lot Of Lokis

You will get to see a lot of Loki’s in Marvel Rivals. Loki can confuse you anytime. Yes, Loki will make his enemies go crazy as he can summon a clone to confuse his enemies on which one is the real Loki. I hope Loki won’t confuse his fans.

Loki Is Cool And Magical

Loki seems like a magical character with the ability to leave his body when players try to get close to him. He also has the ability to teleport to nearby areas where required. His long-range attacks make him look powerful. I like the fact that with his move Loki can become another character. Loki is truly magical!

Troy Baker For Loki

Troy Baker is a renowned voice actor who has provided voices for many animated series and video games. Loki is also voiced by Troy Baker. He is the perfect choice for Loki. Loki fans are already appreciating the selection of Troy Baker as voice for the Loki. Whoever chooses him is a genius.

Get Ready For Action-packed Experience

As a game lover, I am glad to see that it looks like players are not as easy to kill as they were in the initial trailer. Players dropping like flies isn’t exciting at all. Loki looks so fun to play. If we can have this level of fun across the whole roster, this game is going to be action-packed.

Entertaining Game With Stunning Artwork

The game does look entertaining to play honestly. Needless to say, artwork is stunning. I am a fan too of how Loki plays. The game looks competitive and thrilling. A great team making a great game. The whole Marvel universe is at their disposal with a lot of maps, skins, and characters. Each reveal is making me fall in love with this game.

Hoping For An Overwhelming Experience And Gameplay

The only thing which is not up to the mark is Loki’s basic attack animation is not overwhelming. He just targets you with no pullback. This game is cool and has a lot of potential but you cannot feel like playing super hero or villain. Otherwise, Loki is a cool character.

Can’t Wait To Finally Experience Marvel Rivals

Are you excited about Marvel Rivals? Well, I just can’t wait to play this amazing game. Honestly, the game does look exciting to play. What do you think about it? I believe, with his magical powers, Loki is going to become our favorite character of the Marvel Rivals. Looking forward to this game!

Written by Saadia Malik

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