Colony Rover: Helldivers 2 New Vehicle

Helldivers 2
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The latest news for helldivers 2 fans is that a new playable vehicle is just on its way! Yes, you heard it right, the latest rumors suggests that a new vehicle is coming soon that can be used by the soldiers on the battlefield.

First things first! The Latest helldivers 2 leaks are finally here. We got to know that a brand new vehicle is coming known as “Colony Rover”. It’s a super- Earth vehicle. The Colony Rover is a four-wheeled vehicle and can hold up to 8 players. In addition to motorbikes and tanks, now players can use this new vehicle as well.

We have already seen broken rovers on different planets but they were not working. This new Colony Rover is fully mechanical and controlled vehicle. It has driving properties and players can use this on the battlefield. Helldivers 2 players can now experience a new vehicle very soon.

Reddit user IronS1ghts has just dropped images of this new vehicle. This isn’t just a vehicle, it’s a transport-focused addition to helldivers 2. This Colony Rover is especially designed to stand the harsh conditions of distinct planets. We are hoping that we can drive this ourselves.

Colony Rover unlike previous vehicles seems to focus on transport capacity. This could mean a shift in how we handle exploration and rescue missions in Helldivers 2. We hope that this new vehicle will offer a strategic gameplay and revolutionize complex rescue missions.

We can only speculate about the possibilities the new vehicle brings until it’s out. The leaks looks crazy, can’t wait to try this brand new vehicle. Can’t wait to squash the bugs and bots with this new Colony Rover.

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