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GTA Series
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When we are talking about the Grand Theft Auto iterations, they are a Grand Theft Auto community famous all because of its ability to deliver state of the art gangster dramas without any break. They are not, however, exclusively or purely based on real life experiences in the strict sense. Very much like our daily life, GTA too can also be pretty weird. These instances of peculiarity at times introduce some well-timed amusement to the otherwise bare storylines.

Los Santos Or Liberty City Have Had Their Fair Share Of Unconventional Individuals

Moving ahead, every Grand Theft Auto protagonist, 3D Universe onward has been a witness to some pretty awkward stuff. That is why, a sprawling city like Los Santos or Liberty City is expected to have its fair share of unconventional individuals. In other words, even some of the most ruthless of offenders can’t help but feel unsettled by some of these genuinely strange circumstances. Desperate to buy modded GTA accounts for your weekend gaming session, do not waste time and visit CSGOSmurfNinja to get rid of that desperation!

Unconventional Confrontations in GTA Series

1. Auntie Poulet’s Mind-Altering Tea

Tommy Vercetti is involved with multiple criminal gangs during his stay in Vice City. And is not hesitant to switch his loyalty between these organisations if given the right compensation. But one gang: Haitians in particular, is somewhat different from all other gangs between whom he switches his loyalty. To be precise, Gang leader: elderly Auntie Poulet, manipulates Tommy into doing her bad work with the help of a method of coercion that one has never witnessed before.

She achieves her control over Vercetti by controlling his mind, in other words, she achieves this feat by messing with the tea that Vercetti drinks. To elaborate, it is some kind of never before seen voodoo magic, a trick that is rarely used in Grand Theft Auto iterations. And all thanks to this mind altering tea that Poulet makes Tommy drink, the latter is unable to recollect any memory after completing the task given to him by the former. Want reliable modded accounts for your PS console, try GTA modded account PS4 listed on CSGO Smurf Ninja!

2. The “Sasquatch” Tracker

This is a humorous and strange encounter that is visible only when the player is nearing the end of Grand Theft Auto 5. To be precise, when playing as Franklin, you might come across a semi-crazed hunter in the desperate look out for the popular sasquatch. Furthermore, the player is given the task to look out for a mythical beast and can at last have a look at him, when he is wounded.

The sasquatch will unravel a tirade about being the alone remnant of his breed. It reignites the memory from a scene that plays out in Undead Nightmare, a part of DLC (downloadable content) for Red Dead Redemption. Unfortunately, this “sasquatch,” however, turns out to be a weird human wearing a sasquatch suit. Making things more realistic he will also begin to bark like a dog when the mission end is just across the corner. Pretty weird indeed, huh!. Want to try modded accounts that include several mods in one package, visit CSGOSmurfNinja once for the purpose!

3. Eddie Low Gets A Ride

Niko Bellic runs into some hugely strange characters in Grand Theft Auto 4. No doubt, the most crazy one in the batch is Eddie Low. Additionally, the protagonist Niko can run into the overly eager Eddie, who wants a ride so that he can discard a large backpack. But the backpack contents seem to be quite terrifying. Afterwards, Eddie’s dialogue, delivered in a childish, sing-song voice becomes increasingly creepier with each passing moment.

It is here, where it becomes crystal clear that Eddie in real life, is a serial killer who wanders around the streets of Liberty City in the search for his next kill. After delivering him, Niko can run into Eddie again, at which point Eddie will turn hostile. My Grand Theft Auto community fellows must get rid of him for good without wasting any time. Want instant delivery of your modded Grand Theft Auto accounts, try CSGO Smurf Ninja!

4. The Dishonest Croupier

When it comes to planning the heist of a mob-owned casino, things can get pretty serious. Carl Johnson learns his lesson the hard way during the “Key to Her Heart” mission in GTA: San Andreas. To be thorough, in order to get his hands on the access keycard to the casino, he must get cosy with one of the croupiers (casino staff).

But at the same time, it seems that the croupier is fond of some “rough” extracurricular activities. So, CJ has to wear a gimp suit during their cosy session to make her fall for him. But all this is very time-consuming and uncomfortably weird for CJ at the same time.

Final Words

As is the trend, here we will part our ways for today, with a brief summary, of all that we have learned today. To begin with, when we are talking about the GTA iterations they are filled with unforgettable encounters — but some of them stand out. Last but not least, the list some of these unconventional confrontations in the Grand Theft Auto series.

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