Are Video Games Good for You? Three benefits of gaming

Are Video Games Good for You? Three benefits of gaming
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Mistakenly, a lot of people think that playing video games is a time waster.. Scientists proved a long time ago that it is video games that contribute to the development of certain parts of the brain. This skill helps to improve memory, develop thinking, learn to form strategies, and achieve goals. Today, video games are also a tool for making money. Gamers can earn good money in a few hours.

Interesting research on video games has been conducted by the Max Planck Institute for Human Development It is now scientifically proven that computer games help treat mental disorders. It is a versatile resource that offers excellent opportunities when used correctly!

In addition, video games can generate income. Specialists are in demand in the gambling world. Now there are competitions at the world level. The best players get cash prizes.

The success of gamers

The success of gamers

If you want to turn your hobby into a job and earn money with video games, you should know that this job is not just about fun. Gaming requires independence and can only generate a secure income after some time and specific successes. We present three ways to make money playing video games and a good strategy.

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There are many different options to make money from video games. One of them is to stream your gaming experience. An essential requirement for this is sufficient experience in playing. Twitch or Youtube-Gaming offers the appropriate platform for streaming. Streaming regularly and for several hours a day is crucial to generate more viewers and, thus, greater visibility. It is possible to create a group of regular viewers who know when the player is online. Because the more people watch the stream, the greater the likelihood that it will be talked about, and the reach will increase. In general, the following applies: The more viewers when streaming, the higher the profit by showing advertising or cooperation partners becoming aware of the player and offering paid cooperation.



Players who prove to be particularly successful and talented in a game have the opportunity to win money in tournaments. Most online games have smaller tournaments with small prize money. However, more significant competitions are often offered, with prize money in the million-dollar range. Small tournaments are suitable for extra income or practice opportunities, but to live off the prize money, participation in larger tournaments is inevitable. Once you have proven yourself in some of the smaller tournaments, you can join a professional game team. Professional game teams gamble professionally and, in most cases, can live off the prize money, sponsors, and advertising revenue, because the groups are often offered well-paid advertising contracts. Nevertheless, it is a long and, above all, time-consuming road to get there.

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In-game trading

In-game trading

In many video games, there is a possibility to trade in-game items and thus earn money. In most games, there is a separate currency set by the producer, which can be used to buy or sell various items. Another option is to get things by completing tasks, tournaments, or the like. It often takes a lot of time to create your character and game world according to your ideas. For this reason, the market for in-game trading has emerged because only some people want to make this effort. Rare or popular items can sometimes be sold for several 100 dollars on eBay, for example, and thus be turned into real money. However, the manufacturer can refer to its terms of use, which the player has agreed to when opening an account. These state, among other things, that no player can acquire ownership of in-game items but that everything is the exclusive property of the manufacturer.

A popular type of earnings – is tester video games. What is this profession, and why is it popular? Today, more developers are trying to create a unique and exciting products. Only independent users can check its quality. A tester acts in the role of such a user. A person goes through the levels of an application or a video game and writes down all the errors that occur in the game. Because the tester is more attentive to details, this is a difficult task. Here you need to look for any mistakes: freezes, incorrect operation of elements, etc. The tester makes a checklist, which he sends to the developers. They fix bugs in the game and bring the product to perfection.

You will most likely be paid your earnings per hour, ranging from seven to 15 euros. If you want to apply as a tester, you can usually do so through the manufacturer’s website, where you can find current job postings. There are also gaming portals and external service providers that offer you such jobs.

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In addition, many modern companies offer their employees to play video games. Games can also mean massive progress for the entire corporate culture. Companies with an active gaming culture are open to new ideas, creative solutions, and unconventional approaches. Collaborative play also fosters interpersonal connections. A study by researchers at Brigham Young University found that teams that play together can increase productivity by 20 percent.

Earnings from online games: the most significant mistakes

Earnings from online games: the most significant mistakes

Online games are more than just a waste of time. Today you can turn your favorite pastime into an income. From the convenience of your own home, you can search through various employers for employment. This is yet another advantage of playing video games. You are not required to attend work or complete chores at a specific hour. Here you need a powerful computer and a desire to develop in gaming.

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Gamers may encounter paid registration on providers. You can’t avoid that at the beginning of your career. Some services where you can earn money offer to make an upfront payment before registering. This is regular practice if the provider is trustworthy and reliable. Before making the payment, you need to ensure that it is authentic. Of course, there are websites that accept credit cards or free registration. After you finish the game and win, you pay the credit.

The most important thing in gambling is the ability to strategize and stop in time. Too much interest in online gambling can turn out badly. The inability to control yourself will lead not to earnings but to a significant loss of money. That is why it is worth carefully choosing a provider and watching the involvement in the game.

As you can see, online games offer many ways to make money. Depending on how much time and effort you want to devote to anything, there are many options that are effective. You must work for reliable suppliers and understand the gaming industry well. Please don’t underestimate the dangers of addiction to online gaming, especially since you can make money from it. Therefore, self-control and discipline are required. It is best to set a daily limit for your financial investments and plan how much time you will spend on it. This is a fantastic method of preventing gambling addiction.

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