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Deliver Us Mars
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Deliver Us The Moon, a science fiction thriller that came out in 2018, is getting a follow-up called Deliver Us Mars, which is meant to take the series to new heights and other planets.

KeokeN Interactive took a risk with Deliver Us The Moon in 2018 and again with Deliver Us Mars this year. The new game will take players to Mars for the first time. It will be a step up in gameplay from the first game and include an equally impressive science fiction plot.

Find out everything there is to know about the upcoming Deliver Us Mars game. From when it will be released to how it will be played to where and what it will be about.

When is the Deliver Us Mars release date?

When is the Deliver Us Mars release date?

Release date for PC, the newest Xbox and PlayStation consoles, and mobile platforms is Thursday, February 2, 2023. We can’t say for sure right now if a Nintendo Switch version is in the creation or not.

The original date for the launch of Deliver Us Mars was September 27, 2022. However, the date was changed so that the launch could happen in the best possible conditions.

KeokeN Interactive, the game’s developer, said the holdup was required to ensure the final product was of the highest quality. So, we’re sorry to say that the Deliver Us Mars release date is Tuesday, February 2, 2023.

We’re sorry if this isn’t what you wanted to hear, but we can’t wait for you to face the dangers of Mars and figure out what the ARKS are all about.

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What exactly is the story behind Deliver Us Mars?

What exactly is the story behind Deliver Us Mars?

In the story of Mars, the events of Deliver Us the Moon take place 10 years in the future. A girl called Kathy Johanson, who seems to have been a youngster in first-game recordings, is the protagonist. As she prepares to become an astronaut and joins a mission to Mars to save humanity.

It’s just like the movie “Interstellar” all over again. Humanity is in danger, and the only thing that can save them is the stolen, huge Mars colony spaceship called “ARKS.”

Isaac, Kathy’s father, has been missing on Mars for a long time, but a new message says he may still be alive. Even if Kathy is interested, the rest of the plane’s passengers probably don’t want to make an emergency landing.

Once again, KeokeN Interactive used motion-captured actors to bring this story to life. This time, the story is about a father and his daughter. Ellise Chappell of Poldark plays the brave main character, Kathy Johanson. Neil Newbon of Resident Evil Village plays her father, Isaac, who isn’t in the story.

KeokeN Interactive’s next game, Deliver Us Mars, will be a puzzle-adventure game like the last one, but it will be a lot bigger. There will be many new places to explore, as well as complex climbing systems and big problems to solve. Promotional materials for the game have hinted that the player will take control of a Mars Rover at some point in the game.

What does the Deliver Us Mars gameplay look like?

What does the Deliver Us Mars gameplay look like?

Deliver Us Mars is a lot like the first game in that players can switch between first-person and third-person views to explore the barren landscape of Mars and solve the game’s puzzles. With the new climbing axes, you can now climb cliffs and reach places that you couldn’t before.

To get past the different obstacles in the game, players will also scuba dive and move quickly in zero gravity.

Also, there are a lot of signs that the automotive subculture will be thriving again soon. In the first game, players drove four-wheeled cars around the moon. In the second game, they might do the same thing on Mars.

Is there a trailer for Deliver Us Mars?

The first of Deliver Us Mars’s many trailers have come out, and it shows that the sequel will be out in early 2023. Check out this video for an overview of the game’s story, including a look at the main character, Kathy Johannson, and the team’s mission

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Deliver Us Mars | Reveal Trailer

VIDEO SOURCE: Deliver Us Mars

Deliver Us Mars | Story Trailer

VIDEO SOURCE: Deliver Us Mars

The Countdown to Launch video came out exactly one month before the game came out. It gave fans their first look at new Deliver Us Mars gameplay footage and made people even more excited for the game to come out.

What are Deliver Us Mars system requirements?

At the moment, not much is known about the game’s system requirements but it has been determined that the game would need a 64-bit CPU and OS to run. Due to the usage of Unreal Engine 4 and the eventual inclusion of ray tracing, the game may be playable on a wide range of GPUs.

Where can you buy Deliver Us Mars and how much does it cost?

You can get Deliver Us Mars for PC on Steam and the Epic Games Store but the console versions won’t be out for a little while longer. The standard edition costs $29.99 or €29.99, while the PC-only Deluxe Edition costs £24.99, $34.99, or €24.99.

Is there a pre-order for Deliver Us Mars?

You can save 10% if you pre-order the game on Steam or another digital distribution platform.

Customers who pre-order Deliver Us Mars for PC via CD Keys should know that they will not get a physical copy of the game, even though they are paying £15.99 for it. Instead, they will get a Steam voucher that they can use to get the game.

The PC-exclusive £18.99 Deluxe Edition includes the whole original score and is available for pre-order now.

What platforms will Deliver Us Mars be available on?

Deliver Us Mars will be available on PlayStation 4, Deliver Us Mars PS5, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X/S, and PC on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

On the other hand, Deliver Us the Moon didn’t come out for consoles or Google Stadia until 2021, which was months after it came out for PC only. We don’t know when Deliver Us Mars will come out on Google Stadia, though.

Bringing the story full circle

The 2018 PC indie adventure game Deliver Us the Moon was such a smashing success that it spawned a console port and a sequel, Deliver Us Mars.

Save Us The events of Mars happen 10 years after the first game. There is a new main character, a new robot friend, and, of course, a new planet. The terrains of the red planet took the place of the craters on the moon.

Since it has a greater budget than the Kickstarter-funded first game, we may expect more of the great puzzle-adventure gameplay.

We’ll provide additional information about Deliver Us Mars as the release date approaches.

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