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Tekken 8 is an awesome fighting game. Bandai Namco has made sure that the eighth installment is worth the wait. It is a fresh and exciting series for Tekken lovers, with three new characters introduced in the 8th installment, making it a cast of 32 fighters. From graphics to online functions, everything has improved. It provides a whole new, thrilling experience with its cinematic style, killer soundtrack, amazing battle animations, and refreshing mechanics.

A thrilling and nostalgic experience

I must say Tekken 8 is a complete package for game lovers. It is like returning home with perfectly implemented balancing acts, keeping it original and authentic while providing fresh and thrilling exposure. This time, the makers of Tekken 8 have made massive improvements to the main story. The main story of any fighting game is considered its backbone, and this 8th installment has proved that keeping all the characters a part of the main story is vital.

This edition of familiar and new faces (Reina, Victor, and Azucena) is fascinating and exciting. It’s fun and enthralling to engage with them and choose which one of them should be utilized to fight with others. In the main storyline, the association of all the characters to the main story is always missing. I think that’s something creators need to improve.

It was good to see swift story mode flawlessly shifting from cinematic to fights over its multiple chapters. Being a tekken lover, it was wonderful to see each character get their moment. Each character came to light in some capacity. The plot of Tekken 8 is full of small allusions to earlier games, which devoted gamers will undoubtedly love.

While it doesn’t exactly wrap up the whole mess, it does allude to a lot of things that I believe will satisfy seasoned Tekken fans. There are primers available to catch you up on the story if you need a refresher, and the action-packed plot offers plenty of drama and fun. In short, I would say Tekken 8 is a bombastic new entry filled with nostalgic vibes. I just can’t tell you how cool it is. Never a dull moment, I must say!

Graphical and technological marvel

With its use of Unreal Engine 5, Tekken 8 is pushing the boundaries of fighting game technology, providing a level of graphical commitment never seen before. Unquestionably, it has some of the most lifelike graphics I have ever seen in a fighting game. An obvious improvement in visual quality is evident in this eighth installment.

It performs fantastically in addition to looking fantastic. The arcade quest, heat system, and rage art are elevating it to a new level. Using rage art, you can completely destroy your opponent. The heat system, which can only be used once during a fight, gives your fighter extra power. Arcade Quest is a tutorial mode that functions as a sort of narrative role-playing game. It assists players in overcoming specific challenges to unlock rewards and new items.

All these features make it a graphical marvel. The graphics and visual effects of Tekken 8 are insane for me. This time, they have been ratcheted up massively. The new heat meter has changed the combat system significantly. The matches are strategic, full of performance, and fast-paced.

Recommended System requirements for Tekken 8

Are you ready for the Mishima saga? Be prepared for it because you will be hooked. Prepare yourself and your PC if you want to enjoy the coming King of Iron Fist tournament. Following are the recommended system requirements for Tekken 8:

Available storage: 20 GB

CPU: Intel Core i7-7700K or AMD Ryzen 5 3600

GPU: Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 or AMD Radeon RX Vega 64

OS: Windows 10

Memory: 16 GB of Ram

Direct X: Version 12

Is Tekken 8 worth buying?

Tekken 8 is definitely worth buying. This game is getting all the due attention because it’s worth playing. Whether you are a single player or competitive online player, you are going to enjoy it right from the beginning till end. Its special effects, aggressive tactics and 3D assets makes it the game of the year. It’s fun, exciting, fantastic and enjoyable. You will never regret buying this one!

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