An In-Depth Guide to the PSVR Controllers

An in-depth guide to the PSVR Controllers
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PSVR Aim Controller

We couldn’t help but be taken away by how user-friendly and straightforward the PSVR Aim Controller seemed to be in its operation. This first-person shooter (FPS) game controller was built particularly for use with the PlayStation VR system.

As a piece of consumer electronics, the fact that its design is relatively comparable to that of the PlayStation VR helmet, which will soon be available for purchase, is a very compelling argument in favor of the product.

Since there are a variety of first-person shooter controllers now on the market, we are happy that the designers of this particular PSVR Aim controller for first-person shooters did not attempt to make it seem like an old-fashioned machine gun.

Aim Controller PSVR: Features

Aim Controller PSVR: Features

You will have the ability to bring an incredible degree of precision to the action in PS VR games if you are using a controller that is compatible with the PSVR Gun controller. Because of this, you will be able to experience a whole new degree of frenzied action, which will take the previous level to an entirely new level.

You will have the capacity to remove targets with a degree of deadly accuracy if you utilize DUALSHOCK 4, which has built-in motion sensors as well as controls that are simple to use. In addition, even if the controller will be trembling in your hands during battles, you will still be able to feel fully immersed in each and every one of them since it will behave in a realistic manner.

Gunplay with Exceptional Accuracy

To guarantee that your bullets are as accurate as they possibly can be, you need to first gain a strong grasp on your target, aim down the in-game sights, and then let the built-in motion sensors and light sphere do the rest of the job.

In-Depth Dive

You will be able to experience the kick that is associated with shooting, and your controller will seem to be rebuilt as a virtual weapon in front of your eyes. This will provide you the ability to physically interact with the virtual reality environment that you are now experiencing.

Making Use of Adaptive Control

By using the controllers of the DUALSHOCK 4 as well as its dual analog sticks, you will be able to navigate a wide array of unique virtual landscapes. Players have the choice of utilizing either their left or right hand to use these controls. Doing so guarantees that they are always armed and prepared for any battle that may arise in the game.

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PSVR Gun Controller: Supported Games

PSVR Gun Controller: Supported Games

Take part in the action with a range of games that are compatible with the PSVR Aim controller and are either now available or will be available in the near future.

Borderlands 2 VR

You should get ready to start shooting and looting your way through the perilous world of Borderlands by taking your PlayStation VR Aim controller, picking your weapon of choice from the bazillions of over-the-top possibilities available, and then getting ready to resume the process all over again.

ChromaGun VR

You will need to turn the PSVR Gun controller into a paint gun and use it to solve a number of color-based puzzles in order to progress through a range of hard test chambers. These chambers will test your ability to adapt and overcome a variety of obstacles. These riddles are intentionally difficult so that you will be on your toes the whole time.

Firewall: Zero Hour

It is very vital to make use of stealth, coordination, and lethal accuracy in order to be successful in attaining your goal in a team-based shooter in which you will be attacking and defending tactical objectives.


During the creation of Farpoint, the aim controller PSVR was taken into mind so that players may have a better, more immersive, and faster-paced experience while attempting to survive. As you struggle for survival in an unknown universe, you will be forced to make a risky journey across all of the many settings it contains.


You can play the popular first-person shooter Doom in virtual reality and blast your way through scary hellscapes while laying waste to horrifying beasts with a range of weapons, all of which is duplicated by the Aim controller PSVR. Doom is a first-person shooter video game that was created by id Software and distributed by Bethesda Softworks.

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PSVR Motion Controller

PSVR Motion Controller

When playing games that are designed to be played with the PlayStation VR system, you can get the most out of your PlayStation VR experience by using up to two PSVR motion controllers.

The PSVR motion controller for the PlayStation system gives you an astounding degree of precision while at the same time allowing you to interact with your virtual world in a straightforward manner.

This is made feasible by the tracking sphere’s lightweight design, advanced motion sensors, and sophisticated processing power.

PSVR Move Controller: Features

These PSVR Move Controllers are just what you need for your virtual reality experience. Find out what resources they have available to you.

Comfortable And Efficient Layout

As a consequence of the design, which sets a focus on the user’s level of comfort and makes use of vibration feedback, you will experience a level of connection to the mesmerizing virtual worlds that is unequaled in its scope.

Precise Monitoring

Feel a sense of presence that is out of this world owing to the motion sensors that are integrated right into the PlayStation Camera and the color-changing sphere that it is monitoring. These two components, working in tandem, are responsible for producing this feeling. Users are able to take use of both of these characteristics when they put on the PSVR move controller.

User-Friendly Design

Because of the thoughtful design of the button arrangement that is included on the DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller, you will have full command over each and every one of your Virtual Reality (VR) experiences. In addition to the well-known PS and action buttons that are located on the PSVR move controller, this button layout is equipped with a large trigger that is solely devoted to its function.

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PSVR Controller 2

PSVR Controller 2

Everyone has been waiting with bated breath for the release of the FOLLOW-UP TO PSVR, and it would seem that our collective wait will not be too much longer now.

It is anticipated that Sony’s next-generation virtual reality headset, which will be formally referred to as PSVR Controller 2 and is the successor to the company’s PSVR headgear, would be able to connect with the PlayStation 5 when it is eventually made available on the market.

Players who have been having a good time with games like Hitman 3 on PSVR controller and who have been hoping for a gadget with additional capabilities will be thrilled to learn that this news has been announced.

In addition, those who are interested in experiencing virtual reality (VR) for the first time will be ecstatic to read about this new advancement.

Sony has finally made the announcement that was long delayed and given the information that customers have been seeking most about the device.

This is a list of the PSVR Controller 2 device’s features, its recommended retail price, its anticipated release date, and its technical specs.

The new piece of technology seems to be a substantial development over the PlayStation PSVR Controller, which is competent but has some limits as a consequence of the way that it was designed.

When Is the PSVR Controller 2 Coming Out?

The announcement was made on the official PlayStation Blog that the PSVR Controller 2 would be made available to the general public on FEBRUARY 22 of the year 2023.

What Will the Price of PSVR Controller 2 Be?

Not only did the article on the PlayStation Blog that was made public give details on the retail price, but it also provided data on the approaching release date.

When it is finally made available to the general public, the PSVR Controller 2 will have a stunning price tag of $549.99 attached to its packaging.

This is a substantial price tag, especially for those who may not yet own a PlayStation 5, the real edition of which costs $500 by itself.

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