Lost Ark: Valtan Legion Raid Guide

Lost Ark: Valtan Legion Raid Guide
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Valtan is one of the last Legion raids in Lost Ark, and there are many things you can do in order to give your characters the most strength possible. Here is a full guide to preparing for this difficult raid. Valtan is an eight-player raid that requires item level 1415 to enter. This raid also has a hard mode version that requires Item Level 1445.

What Do You Need to Finish the Valtan Legion Raid

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So, in this guide, I’ll go over the effects, augments, and items that will assist you in completing the Valtan Legion Raid.

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First and foremost, you should be doing Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids with all of your characters on a daily basis. Join a guild with all of your characters and donate to it to obtain Bloodstones, which you can then trade for materials. Purchase materials from the ship merchants using Pirate coins. They are available in all ports, as well as the weekly Ghost Ship event and the South Vern Weekly Dungeon. Also, when Chaos Gate and Field Bosse dailies are available, do them once per day. Finally, select from Una’s Task daily and weekly quests, which award you with Leapstones.

Most of the materials you buy or obtain from events and dungeons are tradeable, so you can keep them in your remote storage for use by other characters. You’ll also require your legendary gear set, which you can obtain by finishing the Argos raid. When your gear reaches its maximum level, you must transfer upgrades to your legendary gear to make it even better.


The following item you require is a level 3 Tripod. It means that choosing a tripod for your skill earns you a level 2 bonus on your gear. If you don’t already have them, you can use the auction house to find very cheap gambling chances for them, or you can just keep doing Chaos Dungeon on a daily basis. You can track the tripods you want by opening your skills menu and pressing settings, if you didn’t know. After that, select the skill you want and check the tripod icon to see if the tripod can be leveled up.

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Then you’ll need some good engravings. You should have three fully upgraded Level 3 engravings or three fully upgraded Level 3 engravings plus a fourth Level 1 engraving. The best engravings for your class are determined by the class. You can use the auction house to find accessories with specific stats and engravings, but the good ones will cost you some gold. Argos’ raid also drops some guaranteed engraved accessories. So make an Argos raid at least once a week.

You’ll also need a good ability stone with at least six Nodes for your engravings. Then, for your best skills, you should have at least Level 5 and Tier 3 gems. Getting these is simple if you have a large number of characters. Simply complete your Chaos Dungeons and Boss Rush. You can even spend bloodstones to buy Punika’s entrance ticket chest, which has a chance to drop the entrance ticket to the Boss Rush every time you get a ticket for it.

Card Sets

Card Sets

The next thing you’ll want is a good card set, which means you’ll need the Lostwind Cliff card set if you’re a DPS. You could also purchase the We’ll Meet Again and Forest of Giants card sets to boost your survivability. As a support, you should pick the Farewell and Weapon sets because they both increase your maximum HP, which is an important stat to have, especially if you’re a bard because your ability to heal is based on a percentage of your maximum HP.

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A high consumption of consumables is the last thing you need for preparation. You must have the following items in your inventory:

  • Major HP potion
  • Elemental HP Potion
  • Corrosive Bombs
  • Destruction Bombs
  • Whirlwind grenade
  • Panacea
  • Sacred Charm
  • Time-Stop Potion

If you’ve been playing since the beginning, you should have plenty of chests lying around and don’t need to worry about it, but if you don’t, you can start purchasing them from the marketplace, before the prices start to rise. Purify rune can also be used in place of Sacred Charm or Panacea. It’s the reward for collecting five Ignea tokens, which requires you to finish all five of your Adventure’s Tomes.

All of this should prepare you well for this high-difficulty content. As a part of the Lost Ark community, we just want to remind you that this is not an absolute minimum requirement for doing the raid. Keep in mind that while you can still complete Valton with less-than-ideal equipment, doing so will make the raid significantly more challenging. This preparation list is likely to be the bare minimum that people will expect from you if you want to play with them and join their party in Valtan Legion Raid.

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