Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 introduces Alejandro Vargas

Alejandro Vargas
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The highly anticipated next iteration of Activision’s legendary and historic Call of Duty series will make its premiere in the globe for the very first time on October 28.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is a sequel that builds on the foundation laid by its predecessor, Modern Warfare.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare II Characters

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare II Characters

This relaunch not only brings back fan-favorite call of duty modern warfare characters like Captain Price, Gaz, and Soap Mactavish, but it also brings in fan-favorite new call of duty modern warfare characters like the fearless freedom fighter Farah Karim and the CIA officer Alex.

It would seem that COD Modern Warfare 2 when it is eventually released, will come bundled with at least one or two additional playable characters.

After making an appearance in the sequel Warzone, which was published in the year 2020, Ghost immediately became a fan favorite virtually.

Consequently, it is not surprising that he plays a pivotal part in the game’s version of the renowned Task Force 141, with veterans like Price, Gaz, Ghost, Soap, and Farah and newcomers like Colonel Alejandro Vargas COD of the Mexican Special Forces.

Let’s have a little conversation about who is Alejandro in MW2?

Who is Colonel Alejandro Vargas in Modern Warfare 2?

Who is Colonel Alejandro Vargas in Modern Warfare 2?

In addition to what has been shown in trailers or snippets of gameplay taken from the campaign, there has not been a great deal of information revealed about Alejandro Vargas COD. Apart from what has been portrayed in these two forms of media, the general public is only privy to an extremely limited amount of information on Colonel Alejandro Vargas COD .

Any footage of him, regardless of whether it was filmed in-game or via live-action, identifies him as a real member of the team rather than just as a spectator along for the ride on the trip.

When the game was shown for the first time at the beginning of the summer, he was even emphasized as a member of Task Force 141 in the promotional materials that was displayed for the first time.

There is nothing further about him that we are aware of, other than what has been said above…

People have noticed that his name is quite similar to that of a foe from the original Metal Gear Solid game, who went by the name Alejandro Rojas. Alejandro Rojas is a nefarious character that makes a brief cameo appearance toward the end of the game for a predetermined length of game time.

In spite of this, there is a very little amount of information that can be unearthed about the genuine nature of his identity.

One plausible explanation for why his goals are being kept under wraps until players get into the game is that he plans to pull a General Shepherd and double-cross his Task Force 141 allies in an effort to neatly wrap up any loose ends.

The release date is getting closer; therefore, it is reasonable to assume that Activision will provide us with a more accurate picture of the character as the date draws near, but until then, everything is just conjecture.

At this point in time, however, that is all of the information that we have relative to Colonel Alejandro Vargas COD that we possess.

It will be up to you to determine whether or not it is sensible to invest your confidence in him depending on how his character develops over the course of the Modern Warfare 2 campaign. It will be fascinating to see how his personality evolves over time.

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