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Walkthrough: Monkey Island 2 Spitting Contest

monkey island 2 spitting contest Walkthrough
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In this post we will attempt to discuss all of the things that will assist you in passing the Monkey Island 2 Spitting Contest.

Guybrush Threepwood, the game’s protagonist, is compelled to take part after a series of terrifying events forces him to do so. He soon realizes that he must do so in order to track down the fabled treasure of Big Whoop, which has been hidden deep within the forest throughout the course of his journey.

In the moments when a football game comes to an end, it is one of the oddest sensations a person can have, and the spitting match that follows is one of the scariest ones a person can have. In order to be successful in the spitting competition, players must exercise rigorous preparation, perfect timing, and, in some circumstances, outright dishonesty and fraud on their own part in order to gain an advantage over their competitors.

With the exception of The Bloody Lip in Woodtick, where you can get the Yellow Beard’s Baby and the Blue Whale, the Booty Island store also offers a crazy straw, which can be obtained from the same area as the previous two items on this list: The Bloody Lip.

This monster will be unlike any other monster that has ever existed in the history of the universe, as a result of the mating of Yellow Beard’s Baby with a Blue Whale, which resulted in their creation, and the subsequent evolution of this monster.

monkey island 2 spitting contest win

Phlegm & Tonic is a wonderful and one-of-a-kind cocktail that was created by mixing the flavors of two separate alcoholic drinks in a single glass. It is difficult to get anyplace else since it is so unique. The term “mixture” refers to the mixing of two liquids in a single container since it is a combination of the two liquids when they are combined together in the container.

The moment you and your traveling companions arrive to Booty’s island, they will embark on the most incredible adventure of their life! It is a tremendously popular tourist attraction that can be found on the island’s far right side at the end of a boardwalk and the end of a trail that runs along the same side of the island known to locals as the Spitting Contest.

This event on the islands is a well-attended event that attracts a large number of participants and is held on the island on a yearly basis. Since the tournament is only conducted once a year, yet it draws a large number of participants due to its limited frequency.

The Spitmaster will be visible along with a row of spectator seats, as well as three flags indicating the positions of the first, second, and third-place spitters.

Keep your mouth shut when you see the letters “Ptooie!” flash over the screen of your computer. If you do spew your words out of irritation, it will be difficult to stop yourself. As a result, despite his best efforts, Guybrush’s brave efforts ended up being useless, as he came just short of securing the top place in the final rankings.

Monkey Island 2 Spitting Contest Guide


Video Reference: Eirlaron

A series of indicators to the right of the spitting range directs you to the appropriate facility for your needs. Continue on the right-hand side of the road until you reach your destination. You may navigate through the many choices available by using the arrows on the right-hand side of the screen, and then choose the most appropriate facility for your needs and preferences from among the possibilities shown.

In addition, the placement of participants on the map at different locations allows for more effective administration and monitoring, which contributes to an overall improvement in the overall quality of the competition. It is your responsibility to carry out this act in plain view of the Spitmaster and other members of the monitoring audience while participating in the competition or you will be disqualified from the competition.

When a battle is taking place on the high seas, the sound of the ship’s horn signals the start of hostilities on the battlefield. When a sound is heard, both the Spitmaster and the audience will swivel their heads to the left in order to take in what is happening on the screen at that same instant.

To restore order to the field, it will be essential to relocate all of the flags that have been lost to a new spot on the field that is one square farther down the field than they were originally put.

The first stage in producing the cocktail involves pouring half of the green liquid into a glass, placing the strange straw on top of the glass, then shaking vigorously until everything is well mixed together. After realizing that the drink has caused his saliva to thicken, Guybrush will break out laughing, and he will urge the rest of his friends to join him in their enjoyment at the situation as well.

monkey island 2 spitting contest guide

You may be forced to seek the aid of the Spitmaster in order to restore contact between you and the Spitmaster, depending on the circumstances of the scenario.

After determining that you are eligible to compete in the spitting competition once more, you will be notified, and the judge will make his decision public by issuing a statement in a public arena in which you will be present; if you are not present, you will be disqualified from competing in the spitting competition.

When dealing with individuals who are keeping a close eye on you at all times, you should treat them with a high degree of decency. Since the lady wearing a red belt around her waist is standing at one end of the line, on the right-hand side of the queue, it is important to maintain your attention on her.

It is possible that the sash may flap around in the wind when there is a high wind, making the vehicle unstable and potentially dangerous to be in.

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In order to hear the sound effect made by the wind whipping around a woman’s sash, the Ptooie! button should be hit as soon as she feels the wind whipping around her sash.

If the wind whips around her sash too quickly, she will miss out on the sound effect. The effect of this is that Guybrush’s saliva will continue to climb above and above the first-place barrier, putting him in second place overall in the competition.

Everything of your efforts on his behalf will be honored with a commemorative plaque, which will be presented to you by the Spitmaster as a symbol of thanks for all that you have done. If your search proves to be unproductive, you will not be awarded a certificate of achievement in recognition of your achievements. Before constructing the plaque, a piece of plywood will be painted with a large amount of spilled milk and allowed to cure overnight before being assembled.


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