8 Best Android Mobile Games Apps 2022

8 Best Android Mobile Games Apps 2022 min
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Gaming is an adventuresome activity for kids and adults. Age is not a factor when it comes to playing and enjoying games. Everybody is fond of games and take interest in physical and online gaming activities.

Online gaming is a new trend for android mobile games apps that leaves its positive and negative impacts on players. People spend the most time playing games and spoil their mental and physical health. There was a time when physical games were a part of everyone’s life. But now, this is certainly not the case. The perception and scenario have completely changed.

People are shifting from physical to digital gaming platforms and are becoming addicted to these online gaming activities. The concept of indoor and outdoor games is almost over. People spend their free time on their technology gadgets. The emergence of technology has made people dull and lazy. They find ease and comfort in everything.

A few decades ago, there was an era of console games. It is an early-age of joystick game that attracted people towards it. People bought popular gaming console devices such as Sega, Atari, Nintendo, Commodore, and PlayStation. These games are soon replaced by mobile, smartphone, and tablet games. People now love to hire creative mobile app development services to search, download, install and play android mobile games apps.


Here are the 8 Best Android Mobile Games Apps 2022

Call of Duty

Call of Duty

Call of Duty is an action-packed android mobile games apps for users. It is an easily downloadable and installable game app for users. Everybody can play this online smartphone game with a keen interest and passion. It is a full-fledged shooting game that takes you into a shooting area. You have to count your enemies and shoot them straight on sight. It is like a police operation clean-up to eliminate the fear of terror and violence.

The purpose of this game is to prevail peace and harmony in the city and let citizens resume their normal life routines. This game is based on a series of gaming events and shows the army and military strikes of the world war. The defense forces are always ready for a call to set up for action and save their country from external enemies. Call of duty is a warzone android mobile games apps that android offer its users to download and play.

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Car X Drift Racing 2

Car X Drift Racing 2

It is the second version of car racing adventures. This game is built on 3d animation. It shows the colorful three-dimensional object motion of a driving car in multiple variations. The motion can be horizontal, vertical, and diagonal to stun and appeal to gamers.

Players must be watchful to play this game. It must not be their intention to reach the finish line as it is not a pure racing game. They should move and drift in slow motion to acquire the maximum level of points as much as they can. These points will lead them to the winning position.

Car X drift racing is a fun-loving and thrilling game that tests your potential skills in driving. It teaches you how to drive properly by escaping from risks and facing hurdles in the way of your road journey to reach your destination.

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Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

As its name suggests, it is the most wanted and demanded android mobile games apps among the target audiences. Being fearless is a quality of the youth. They have young and warm blood that is always ready to seek adventure in life. Need for speed is the game designed for these racing fanatics who have an extreme passion to press down the car acceleration. They want a rapid and swift speed for their vehicles to dodge others and cross them ahead to reach the racing line.

It is a game of betting and losing or winning the stake of their lives.  This game arouses your masculine ego to show the pace and race your vehicle on the linear track that leads to your winning destination point.

Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile

It is a free-to-play android mobile games apps that does not have any cost. Anyone can easily and quickly download this amazing gaming app to have an enjoyable experience. Apex Legends Mobile is a battle shooter game similar to PUBG.

It exhibits terrific features to its players and users. These features include dynamic gaming controls and player modes. It is a multi-player gaming app that comprises more than 50 players in different squads. This action-packed shooting android mobile games apps has a rising popularity growth among users. Many adventure lovers are crazy about choosing a web design company to increase its downloads in the Google play store.

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Minecraft is a decade-old game for everyone. It attracts all ages of people and they play it with zeal and zest. This game is all about gold mining. Players have to search and hunt for the mines in their designated area of location.

It comes with all hurdles, difficulties, obstacles, and challenges for gamers to increase their winning points. This game is proudly built by the leading organization Microsoft. It has perfectly built this app to gain attraction for users and compel them to download and play. Minecraft is a renowned console game that has been re-designed for android mobile games apps.

Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is a widely popular android mobile games apps among users. It was built in 2016 and achieved a lot of success and fame in a short span of time. People love to play this augmented reality AR game that enhances their reality level and gives them a practical gaming experience.

It is a location-based game that hunts for virtual enemies to fight and battle with them. This game makes players show their physical presence at any designated location in the world. They can better engage and immerse themselves in the game and exhibit their virtual existence.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds

It is a game about an angriness and furiousness of a flying bird without wings. Angry birds is an android gaming app famous for its original and classic versions. It demonstrates the dynamism and vibrancy in its gaming design that attract and appeals to users around the world. Players love the slingshot to blast and damage the location.

This single-player android mobile games apps contains five angry birds with their specific and particular characters to entertain the target gaming audience. It is based on brainstorming minds and solving puzzles. Angry birds is an excellent and innovative android mobile games apps designed for cross-browser compatibility devices.

Grid Auto Sports

Grid Auto Sports

Grid auto sports is the best auto racing game for gamers in the world. It is popular for its beautiful visual appearance and colorful graphics. Gamers are fond of playing this game on their smartphone gadgets and tablet devices. The game offers multiple car racing styles for racers with exceptional gaming controls and hardware setting options. It is a paid android mobile games apps that requires a minimal amount for download and subscription.


Hence, in a nutshell, these mentioned above are remarkable android mobile games apps for everyone. Everyone can play and enjoy these games irrespective and regardless of their age and gender. These things do not matter in the online industry, especially for gaming. It is a passionate activity for everyone that keeps them stay awake all night and makes them busy all day long. Arcade and action games bring a new sense of thrill and adventure for people to play with zeal and zest.

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