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Temple Run Vs Subway Surfer – Who’s the Biggest Winner here?

Temple Run VS Subway Surfer
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The conclusions of this comparison ‘Temple Run Vs Subway Surfer’ are susceptible to personal bias, and the results might be interpreted differently by other reviewers.

The term “endless running games” refers to a subgenre of video games that includes titles like Subway Surfer and Temple Run. This suggests that none of the games have a finish line, which is a destination that the character you control in the game may reach at any point over the course of playing the game.

The objective of the game is to progress through each level by completing a certain number of laps around a track while simultaneously amassing a variety of tokens, power-ups, and other goodies along the route. Run until you reach a point when you make a mistake, at which time the monster (in the case of Temple Run) or the Gatekeeper (in the case of Subway Surfer) will catch up to you and win the game.

Once you have reached the end of the game you can take advantage of one of the few chances to resurrect that you have been granted up to this point in the game. If you choose to take advantage of any of these options, the game will begin again from the point at which you were eliminated. It is a significant part of what makes Temple Run and Subway Surfer so popular.

One of the reasons why these games are so popular is because you may brag about your score to your friends or on the game’s online leader board. The majority of players’ primary objective is to demonstrate that they are capable of achieving a specific level or scoring a particular number of points in the game.

Temple Run

Temple Run Vs Subway Surfer


You play the role of an explorer who is in the midst of excavating a gigantic temple when all of a sudden, you are being hunted by a beast that seems to be a local resident of the region. In Temple Run, you have to escape from the beast as quickly as possible.

The action of the game takes place among the destroyed temple with collapsing walls, and other obstacles impeding the way of your character. In order for you to win the game, you have to run faster than the monster while leaping, sliding, and avoiding other obstacles. The objective of the game is to evade the beast as long as possible.

In this game, the total amount of points you get is determined by a combination of the number of tokens you locate and the distance you go. During the course of the game, your character will have the chance to gather a variety of crystals and other things that confer unique “powers” onto them. By making use of these powers, your character will experience improvements to both their speed and their capacity to amass tokens and many other items.

Subway Surfer

Temple Run Vs Subway Surfer

In contrast, the action of Subway Surfer takes place over train lines, and the character you control must outpace and dodge the gatekeeper who is chasing you.

Both the iOS and Android platforms support the game Subway Surfer. While you are on the run from the gatekeeper, you will come across a lot of gold coins. Each and every one of these coins will add to the final score you get at the end of the game.

You have the option of either dodging or jumping over the trains that are in the way. Your player character has the capability to either sidestep around them or jump over them. It is possible to acquire additional power-ups, some of which will give your character the ability to fly, while others will increase the pace at which they can gather gold coins.

Subway Surfer VS Temple Run – The Gameplay

The Gameplay Of Temple Run

Video Source: GameMix- Best Gameplay iOS/Android168

Both Temple Run and Subway Surfer work in line with the same basic principles that control gameplay in terms of how a player’s character progresses through the game environment. The action does not cease, and the player is required to make choices, some of which may require them to duck, leap, turn to the left or right, or turn in any other direction they see appropriate.

When it comes to the game’s use of mobility, the video game Temple Run focuses a bigger emphasis on turns and twists. This is due to the fact that the major purpose of the game is to prevent the player from being trapped. Even though the character is moving down a single path, the route continues to branch out in a variety of directions. This idea requires you to investigate the ruins while also evading the monster that is after you.

The gameplay is not very challenging; but, since the character goes through a number of different turns and twists, the player has to pay closer attention to the timing of when the character is meant to turn in order to prevent being trapped. If they don’t, the monster that is chasing after them will have a much easier time catching up to them and will be able to get to them much more quickly.

The Gameplay Of Subway Surfer

Video Source: Mkn P

The gameplay of Subway Surfer is based on the same principle as that of Temple Run; however, in this game, the player’s character moves in a straight line rather than having to negotiate curves and twists as they make their way down the subway system. The gameplay has become a great deal easier to grasp as a direct consequence of this adjustment.

On the other side, it seems as if the game moves at a faster pace than Temple Run, however, this drawback is compensated for by the fact that the controls are easier to use, so the overall effect of the game is not impacted in any way.

Sustaining the Interest of the Audience

When it comes to a game’s ability to hold a player’s attention throughout, one of the most important factors is how interesting it is to see your character develop as it racks up more points. This is because the more points your character has, the more interesting it is to watch their progression.

This criterion focuses on the ways in which people are compelled to play the game beyond the basic aim of amassing more points than your friends and reaching the top of the leader board.

Temple Run’s gameplay revolves on dodging hazards, accumulating more tokens and abilities, and progressing through levels. As the game advances and you make more progress, you will be able to unlock additional levels inside the temple. These levels will each include a broad selection of one-of-a-kind obstacles, routes, and inventive systems, which will bring an air of excitement and adrenaline to each new round of the game.

The gameplay of Subway Surfer is fairly similar to that of other games, including evasion, tokens, and other components that are relatively analogous to one another. The primary objective of the game is to either leap over moving trains or avoid colliding with them.

After a certain amount of time has passed, there is a good chance that both the gameplay and the environment of the game will become tediously repetitious. The player’s pleasure of the many different kinds of challenges that are included in the game takes a back seat to the game’s main objective, which is to collect as many golden tokens as is humanly feasible. This objective takes priority over any other aspect of the game.

Graphics Comparison

Temple Run makes use of a level presentation style that is more realistic, and the developers of the game made an effort to show exactly what a damaged temple with collapsing walls would look like in the game. On the other side, the visual style of Subway Surfer is more cartoonish; the colors are more vivid, and more attention is placed on making the game seem more fluid and game-like.

It is easy to see that there is a significant difference between the two, especially when one considers Temple Run as a point of reference since it illustrates it setting in a way that is truer to life. The decision between the two video games will come down to a matter of individual preference with players being forced to decide between a video game that is visually stunning but has a tone that is more comedic and another game that is more realistic but has an overall look that is scarier.

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Gradual Increases in Difficulty

Increasing difficulty acts as a way for ensuring that players do not get bored with the game and that they continue to feel properly challenged the farther they travel.

When it comes to Temple Run, as players progress through the game, the levels become increasingly challenging. It is possible to say the same thing about the experience one gets when playing Subway Surfer; yet, the degree of difficulty does genuinely diminish after some time has passed, and the gameplay itself looks to stay essentially the same.

Even while Temple Run also has this exact flaw, it makes up for it by interspersing the running mechanism with more complex sequences that need you to really pay attention to what is going on. This makes up for the fact that Temple Run also has this unique defect.

Overall, this makes the game more interesting to play. It would seem that the objective of the game Subway Surfer is not so much to grab people’s attention as it is to provide them a chance to engage in some lighthearted gaming.

Summary Of Findings

Temple Run seems to be a better game than Subway Surfer due to the fact that it features more interesting stages, more realistic graphics, and better implementation of rising complexity.

All of these factors contribute to the impression that Temple Run is the greater game. The investigation that was carried out yielded these findings, and the conclusions that were drawn as a consequence of that research are what is being addressed in this article.

Although it is possible that Subway Surfer has more visually attractive graphics, the game gives the impression of being far too cartoonish, and it has more instances of repetition than it does of anything that is really distinctive.

Even when two games have the same concept for the gameplay, it is not possible to assert with absolute confidence that players of both games would respond in the same way to the presence of the other.

Alternatively stated: This also brings up the idea that the findings of this article are subject to personal bias, as some other reviewers may prefer a game whose graphics are more cartoonish rather than one whose graphics are more realistic.


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