Star Wars: Tales from The Galaxy’s Edge: Gameplay, Trailer, Story & More

Star Wars: Tales from The Galaxy's Edge: Gameplay, Trailer, Story & More
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Star Wars: Tales from The Galaxy’s Edge – Overview

Your first job in Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge will be as a droid repair technician. Because of this, the beginning of your excursion will get off to a really thrilling start.

After narrowly escaping an attack by the Guavian Death Gang, you will crash land on the planet Batuu, where you will immediately find yourself in the heart of an astonishing adventure. This puts in motion a remarkable series of events that illustrate how every person, regardless of where they are placed in the cosmos, is capable of becoming a hero.

The experience in Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge Enhanced Edition has been rethought to take advantage of the numerous capabilities that the hardware has to offer in order to provide the best gaming environment that can possibly be created.

Your future journey into the unexplored wilderness of Batuu is going to be an experience that you will grow to love even more.

Optical Improvements

Star Wars Galaxy Edge VR game will accomplish something that has never been done before. It will put you smack dab in the thick of the action that takes place in the Star Wars world in a manner that pushes the limits of what is possible with virtual reality.

In terms of the PlayStation VR2’s technological capabilities, Star Wars Galaxy Edge VR utilizes every single one of those features to its fullest extent. Eye tracking and controller tracking, both of which are based on a headset, will be a part of the high-fidelity visual experience that will be provided.

This will guarantee that not only your actions but also the direction in which you are looking at any one time over the course of the game are accurately portrayed.

Sounds and Feels

You will be able to hear the soundscape around you with rich 3D audio, and you will be able to feel even the smallest detail in Star Wars Galaxy Edge VR thanks to the adaptive triggers and haptics that are incorporated in both the PS VR2 Sense controllers and the headset.

These two facets of the experience are equally important to the whole thing that a person goes through when they go through it. Participating in the experience with the PlayStation VR2’s many different sensory features will give you the idea that you are really living inside the Star Wars galaxy.

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Star Wars: Tales from The Galaxy’s Edge Gameplay

Star Wars: Tales from The Galaxy's Edge Gameplay

In the version of Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge that was first made available to players on Meta Quest, you will take on the role of a droid repair technician as you go through the game.

This video game takes place in the sector of the galaxy that is located directly next to the ring that surrounds it. When a gang of pirates attempts to attack you while you are in Batuu, the occurrence will serve as a sign that your trip has officially begun.

When you pay Seezelslak a visit, he will regale you with the fantastical narrative of the “Temple of Darkness,” which will whisk you away to a different era and location.

Fans are able to continue their adventures in the Outer Rim with the assistance of the Last Call downloadable content. Along the route, they will come across both surprise friends and terrible opponents.

The legendary Tales of Seezelslak, “The Sacred Garden,” and “The Bounty of Boggs Triff” will provide players the chance to travel around the Star Wars galaxy and investigate a wide range of eras and locales.

Totally Submerging Narratives

Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge adventure takes place in the time period between ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ and ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’, and it gives you the opportunity to explore and extend the planet of Batuu like never before – all without the inconvenience of having to leave the comfort of your own home.

In addition to this, there are brand new people for the reader to interact with and fresh potential trajectories for the narrative to take.

Adaptive Storytelling

Your exploits as a competent droid repair mechanic continue on the outskirts of the Black Spire Outpost, where you come across a variety of unexpected friends as well as perilous adversaries.

Symbolic Personages

Listen carefully to the tales that Seezelslak, who is widely regarded as being Batuu’s most accomplished storyteller, has to tell you. In these tales, you play the part of a bounty hunter and are entrusted with the responsibility of instructing your very own padawan in the ways of the Force.

Go Your Own Way in a Game

You may be able to get the best of your opponent if you sneak by them or if you shoot your way through the throng. Both of these strategies have a good chance of working.

You are the main character in your very own Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge adventure, and as you go through the game’s multiple difficulty levels, you are granted the freedom to play it as you see appropriate.

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Star Wars: Tales from The Galaxy’s Edge Trailer


Star Wars VR Release Date

The release date of Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge – Enhanced Edition has been announced, and it will be available on February 22, 2023 for PlayStation VR2.

Star Wars: Tales from The Galaxy’s Edge Characters

Here are the characters featured in STAR WARS: TALES FROM THE GALAXY’S EDGE – LAST CALL:



You’ll meet a scavenger on the planet Batuu who goes by the name Lens Kamo. She’s always looking for a good deal. The accumulation of riches is important to her.

She started her career in treasure hunting with the intention of removing treasures from their original locations without causing any damage to the objects themselves and removing them beyond the grasp of collectors who would destroy them by any means necessary.

It is very possible that in order for you to properly fulfill the new assignment that has been given to you in Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge, you will be forced to work along with her…

Baron Attsmun (Mark Rolston)

Baron Attsmun (Mark Rolston)

In the film ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’, viewers got their first sight at the character of Baron Attsmun, a tremendously wealthy businessman. Since he earns his income by supplying cybernetic components to a diverse range of customers in Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge, he is well-known across the cosmos for his successes in this field of research.

On the surface, it may seem as though he has helped a significant number of people; yet, beyond all of that, he has a mindset that is callous and indifferent about other people.

Hondo Ohnaka (Jim Cummings)

Hondo Ohnaka (Jim Cummings)

The owner of Ohnaka Transport Solutions in Black Spire Outpost, who may or may not have ethical standards that are up to par, depending to the opinions of specific persons. Assuming that the money that is being demanded is not ludicrously excessive and that Hondo will come out on top as a consequence of the business transaction.

Lieutenant Gauge (Daman Mills)

Lieutenant Gauge (Daman Mills)

The commanding commander of the spanking new First Order station on Batuu, who is both unflinchingly loyal to his obligations and unashamedly ambitious in his aspirations.

At first, Lieutenant Gauge was concerned that being stationed on Batuu, which was a significant distance from the authority of his superiors, would be detrimental to his professional advancement. On the other hand, it turned out that there was no better honor than what he had been given.

Dok-Ondar (Cory Rouse)

Dok-Ondar (Cory Rouse)

Dok-Ondar is a well-known collector who does business in the Black Spire Outpost location of his Den of Antiquities. He is recognized for his commercial acumen. He is well-known for his ability to purchase, sell, and trade valuable and unique objects.

Because of the extraordinary collection of one-of-a-kind items that he has, many people see him as the person in charge of maintaining order on the black market. This is due to the fact that his collection does not have a comparable counterpart anyplace else in the galaxy. It would seem that he has some kind of job for you to do for him on Batuu…

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Seezelslak (Bobby Moynihan)

Seezelslak (Bobby Moynihan)

Cantina owner with a bad attitude who can be found just outside of Black Spire Outpost at the bar that bears his name. Even if you are just going to be there for an hour, he is the kind of bartender that will speak nonstop and wear out your eardrums the whole time you are there.

In addition to this, he has a profound antipathy to porgs that dates back to his youth. This distaste has been with him his whole life.

Ady Sun’zee (Ellie Araiza)

Ady Sun'zee (Ellie Araiza)

Someone who was brave enough to join the Jedi Order, who lived during the time of the High Republic, and who carried out their responsibilities to the Order in a way that was consistent with the Jedi Code.

She was incredibly adept in the art of battle; nevertheless, after her Master was dead, she was forced for the first time to confront her own anxieties and concerns.

Despite having several years of expertise under her belt, she was unable to triumph over her fears and concerns.

Nooa (Meredith Bull)

Nooa (Meredith Bull)

A young Urodel who is brave and fearless, and who does not avoid asking the tough questions in any circumstance. Her demand for information on the world in which she now resides is unquenchable, and it is unlikely that this hunger will ever be slaked.

She was permitted to join the Jedi Order after it was shown that she has a predisposition toward the Force due to her inherent nature. She worked hard during her training and was eventually successful in earning the rank of Padawan, which is the starting position for members of the Jedi Order.

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Neeva (Anika Noni Rose)

Neeva (Anika Noni Rose)

Neeva was compelled to leave her home world due to the presence of the Empire, despite the fact that she was born on a tranquil planet in the Outer Rim. She did not have any other choice.

Boggs Triff, the head of a criminal organization that ran on the planet Nar Shaddaa, took notice of her almost as soon as she set foot on the surface of the planet when she ultimately got there.

Ig-88 (Rhys Darby)

Ig-88 (Rhys Darby)

An extremely well-armed assassin droid that is also known as a battered mechanical. It has earned the reputation of being a poor hunter due to the fact that it engages in hunting in a manner that is harmful to the animals it is attempting to capture.

Boggs Triff (Darin Depaul)

Boggs Triff (Darin Depaul)

A thug from Arcona who has gotten to the top of the criminal hierarchy of a neighborhood in Nar Shaddaa and now rules that territory. This thug has risen to the very top of the criminal hierarchy via his hard work and dedication.

In addition to transforming his operations headquarters into a fortress, he attained that degree of success by engaging in brutality and maintaining a mentality of continual suspicion against other people.

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