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Dying Light The Following Enhanced Edition Review

Dying Light The Following Enhanced Edition Review 2022
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Dying Light The Following Enhanced Edition vastly improves on almost every facet of the overall experience in almost every way.

When Dying Light was released in early 2017, it was the first time that developer Techland had completely perfected the zombie genre from beginning to finish. The game was a resounding success over a broad variety of different aspects.

The difference between Death Island (the first game) and Dying light (the second game) is that Death Island was a more modest game compared to Dying Light, which was substantially more ambitious in terms of what it set out to do both theoretically and in terms of execution.

In comparison to Dying Light, Dead Island was a more underwhelming experience. In spite of the fact that the basic idea was not very original, the actual implementation process proved to be both difficult and rewarding in equal measure.

Ultimately, though, it was the gameplay itself that differentiated it from the other games in the collection more than anything else. We are all well aware that Techland came up with an excellent concept for an open world first-person action-adventure game set in a zombie-infested town with a fantastic parkour system at your disposal, and this is a game that deserves to be played. It is unclear how successfully they executed their approach, which was most excellent in the first place, especially considering the circumstances.

It is as a consequence of this that we now have the Enhanced Edition of the game in our control nearly precisely one year after it was initially published, which is very astounding given how much time has passed since the game’s first release.

Comparing this edition of the game to its previous version, the artificial intelligence of the opponents has been much enhanced, and new parkour abilities have been added to the player character’s arsenal.

A number of additional changes have been made as a consequence of the update, including a full reworking of the Bounty system, an increase in the difficulty of the Nightmare, and a number of other tweaks. The ability to transform into an extraordinarily strong human will be unlocked as you progress through the Legendary talent tree.

In part Techland has taken the time to consider fan feedback and has made substantial adjustments to its original game, even if you have played through it once or twice, the game remains a fascinating experience to play.

It is the inclusion of every piece of DLC for the game that has ever been released, as well as a fresh new expansion dubbed ” Dying Light The Following Enhanced Edition,” that makes this package even more exciting than the fact that it has an upgraded version of the original game.

The original game is recommended to be completed before proceeding to the expansion, which is precisely what I did while writing this dying light the following enhanced edition review, which was about the time I reached level 12 in the original game.

Dying Light The Following Enhanced Edition – Storyline

Dying Light The Following Enhanced Edition Review

When Kyle Crane finds out that there is an escape route out of the zombie-infested Harran after being trapped there for many days, he rejoices. Consequently, Kyle’s experience is vastly different from that of the protagonist of the previous game in every way.

Despite the fact that only a short period of time has passed since the conclusion of the film, the protagonist awakens in yet another zombie-infested countryside, where he quickly discovers that there is much more going on beneath the surface of the landscape than first appears to him and that he is not alone in his observations.

In reality, the protagonist rapidly realizes that there is a lot more going on under the surface of the terrain than what first seems to him to be the case. Crane finds throughout the course of his investigation that the occupants have been protected by a secret society known as The Faceless, which has received assistance from an even more enigmatic entity known as “The Mother.” Crane decides to look into the matter more.

As a result of his study, Crane comes to the conclusion that there are people living in the region who are resistant to the effects of zombie bites.

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As soon as Crane arrives in town for the first time, he is welcomed with animosity by the residents, who demand that he demonstrate his honesty before being allowed to collect information about the cult’s members and activities. Crane is successful in convincing them that he is a reliable and trustworthy source of information and insight after exposing them to him on a number of occasions.

Because of Crane’s presence in their community, it is only reasonable for the residents to launch an assault in order to protect themselves and their property. His accidental wandering into their hamlet has caught everyone entirely by surprise, and they are all shocked that he has happened to stroll into their hamlet.

One of the game’s goals is for the player to travel throughout this vast expanse of land in order to assist the villagers and, in the process, learn all there is to know about the Faceless and their Mother. The discovery of her true identity, which will be revealed as the game goes, will be a significant part of this journey’s progression.

When all of the facts and data are taken into account, it becomes clear that the story is really extremely compelling, and I feel that it is far better in this regard than the plotline of the last game in the series, which I found to be rather disappointing. It is vital that you take advantage of any possibilities that offer themselves to you in order to be successful in the game.

When it came to Dying Light The Following Enhanced Edition, I completed a far higher amount of side missions than I had previously done in the first game, regardless of whether I believed that doing so was required to forward the storyline in any way.

The countryside is primarily composed of large, open spaces and structures that are significantly more widely dispersed throughout their respective geographical regions than the city’s urban environment, whereas the city’s urban environment is full of obstacles and buildings that must be scaled and conquered.

You may be able to create some very horrifying visual effects for your viewers if you drive swarms of zombies to the ground and cause them to suffocate as a result of your activities. If you are touring the region in a specifically constructed buggy, it is possible that you may cause them to suffocate as a result of your activities in the area.

Dying Light The Following Enhanced Edition

As a result of the entrance of this new means of transportation, a whole new skill tree has been introduced into the game, which has been called “Driver”.

Remember that the inclusion of the buggy will improve the scavenging and crafting processes that are already in place in the game, and that this should be taken into consideration while making game-related choices.

When driving on a route, it is essential to maintain the vehicle’s suspension system and brakes, as well as its traction control, engine, and other mechanical components, in ideal operational condition to guarantee that the buggy operates safely and effectively. It is also vital to make certain that the vehicle is properly fueled and serviced when it is not in use to avoid a breakdown.

To accomplish these goals, it is necessary to search through the vast number of abandoned automobiles scattered throughout rural areas, disassemble them in order to recover any usable components, and siphon the gasoline out of them.

New weapons, such as the bow and crossbow, are added in the Dying Light The Following Enhanced Edition, which is accessible while playing both the original game and The Following at the same time. This results in a completely different experience from the original game. While the primary gameplay has remained the same, the focus has switched to fighting off swarms of zombies or bandits as they approach the player’s position.

Now you have a rather dependable ranged weapon that can be utilized to take down zombies without garnering the attention of further zombies. Obtaining headshots with these weapons, if done correctly, may result in significant rewards, some of which can be quite valuable.

One of the most significant differences between Parkour: The Following and the original game is that parkour is given second-place status to the buggy.

Even while some may consider this a negative, I found it to be a refreshing change of pace that stopped me from being tired with the same kind of gameplay as I proceeded from the first game to its sequel, then farther up the series’ hierarchical chain of events.

However, despite the fact that Techland has clearly placed a greater emphasis on other areas of the game this time around, the entire experience with the expansion has been made more joyful. It is clear that this update marks a huge step forward in terms of technological capabilities when compared to the original game’s narrative and gameplay. This can be seen in the fact that the storyline and gameplay are drastically different from those of the original game.

The Final Say

When I consider the possibility of being given the chance to have the final say in this matter, my stomach begins to churn a little bit.

However, despite the fact that the previous Dying Light was a brilliant game in its own right, Dying Light The Following Enhanced Edition vastly improves on almost every facet of the overall experience in almost every way. Aside from that, you now have access to an extensive collection of downloadable items that can be utilized to improve your gaming experience even more. A considerable number of adjustments and improvements have been made to the already outstanding game in order to make it even more exciting for players.

Keep in mind that the game’s bundled expansion, “Dying Light The Following Enhanced Edition” is a big and visually spectacular addition in its own right and should not be considered a separate purchase from the original game.

Written by Syed Daniyal Hussain

Syed Daniyal Hussain works as a writer for Extra Game Place. He has a burning love for video games, having been an obsessive fan of them ever since he was a youngster. You'll find him providing coverage of Xbox and PC games in the form of reviews, editorials, and general coverage. Email now to Hire Him.

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