Are You Tempted to Buy the Purple PS5 Controller?

Purple PS5 Controller
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“All New PS5 Nova Pink Controller, PS5 Galactic Purple Controller, and SP5 Starlight Blue Controller Are Here”

The newer colored PS5 DualSense controllers appear to have been updated in comparison to the earlier colored controllers and now include several components that are distinct from those that were present in the earlier colored controllers.

Ps5 Purple Controller: Modification in Spring

Ps5 Purple Controller: Modification in Spring

You will discover a spring that is a little bit different from the one that was used in the past behind the rear L and R buttons of the new controllers, which come in Nova Pink Ps5 controller, Galactic Purple PS5 Controller, and Starlight Blue Ps5 controller, respectively. If you take the time to examine it closely, you will see that the size of this spring is somewhat less than that of the one that was used in the past. The thickness of the spring on the older Cosmic Red controllers was 0.25 millimeters, but the thickness of the spring on the more modern controllers is 0.3 millimeters.

It is obviously clear that the springs seem to be far more resilient than they were in the past, despite the fact that it is not yet known whether or not this will have a significant influence on players. A cursory examination of the springs is all that is required to confirm this assertion.

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Galactic Purple PS5 Controller: Stick & Aesthetics

Galactic Purple min min

One of the few adjustments that were identified in the purple controller PS5 was that the analog stick modules in the freshly colored controllers had undergone a very minor adjustment. It would seem that Sony has swapped out a little piece of black plastic that was formerly located on the bottom of the gadget with a piece of green plastic in order to improve the aesthetics of the product.

What Else Comes with the Ps5 Galactic Purple Controller?

What Else Comes with the Ps5 Galactic Purple Controller?

Aside from these two modifications, the new ps5 purple controller do not bring a whole lot of additional substantial enhancements that are worthy of being mentioned. The only difference that can be seen is that the size of the board as well as the location of many of its components have been flipped onto the other side of the device. This is the only change that can be observed. Aside from the model number, the mother board, and the battery are almost indistinguishable from one another.

It is hoped that these minor alterations will not be limited to the ps5 controller purple, pink, and blue but rather will also be included in the brand-new white, black, and cosmos red variants of the product. If this wish comes true, the pink, purple, and blue DualSense controllers will continue to be available for purchase.

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Ps5 Dualshock Controller Offers a Rainbow of New Colors

Ps5 Dualshock Controller Offers a Rainbow of New Colors

The following paragraphs provide a summary of each official color scheme that has been adopted for the DualSense PS5 controller up to this point in time.

#1. Cosmic Red

The DualSense PS5 controller has been given an air of sophistication that is likely to turn attention as a result of the inclusion of the intriguing Cosmic Red color scheme. This is a good option for those who are searching for a controller with more color as it replaces the white that is generally there with a beautiful red tint.

#2. Nova Pink

Nova Pink takes everything to the next level beyond red by adding just a touch of brightness to the whole mixture. It is a stunning shade that leans more toward the bright pink end of the color spectrum, which is where it truly shines since that is where it looks best.

#3. Starlight Blue

Since a lot of people have a taste for a blue controller, it is only logical for Sony to include a blue DualSense in their lineup of goods. This one, which is on the lighter side, acts as a nice contrast to the area of the pad that is colored more intensely because of how much darker it is.

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