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China pushes down on the livestreaming of ‘illegal’ video games

China bans illegal unlicensed games
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When the Chinese government announced that they would immediately begin enforcing a ban on the live streaming of unlicensed video games, it sent a strong message to the rest of the world that were serious about doing business in the region.

All internet platforms will be “strictly prohibited” from airing programs that have not been approved by the country’s National Radio and Television Administration, according to a statement released on Friday. Following the release of the order, it was made available to the public via a variety of different news outlets.

According to Daniel Ahmad, an industry specialist in the video game industry, in the past, Chinese authorities dictated that video games be legally licensed before they could be distributed or streamed inside the nation. The Chinese government’s involvement in this kind of activity has resulted in the widespread popularity of games such as Elden Ring, which are not permitted to be marketed in the country, and the development of platforms such as Huya, which have the potential to draw enormous numbers of players.

China bans unlicensed video games


The company’s most recent release, according to Ahmad, received more than 17 million cumulative daily average views in its first week of availability after going live on the internet, which is the highest number ever recorded for any software release in its first week of availability.

Ahmed thinks that obtaining real-world attention via live streaming and short video, as well as ads, other platforms, and channels, will be challenging to do. In the case that your game has not been authorized by the [National Radio and Television Administration], you may experience difficulties.

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In recent years, a series of tragic occurrences that occurred in the early 2000s has played a part in the deterioration of China’s attitude toward video games. The result of legislation passed last summer and now being enforced by the federal government is that a three-hour weekly limit on the amount of time that children are authorized to spend playing online video games has been imposed in all 50 states.

National Radio and Television Administration reports that the government responded quickly in response to growing worries about young people’s addiction to video games by restricting video game live-streaming. The government requested that action be done as soon as feasible in response to the proposal.

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