Review of the PS5 Media Remote – A Technological Innovation

PS5 Media Remote Review
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In this article, The PS5 Media Remote will be evaluated. Among the many media options accessible to PlayStation 5 users, who can play conventional DVDs, are some well-known streaming applications and services, as well as the ability to play Ultra High-Definition Blu-ray discs.  On the other hand, controlling media playback using a gamepad might be challenging since it is difficult to remember which buttons are responsible for various features.

Controlling your favorite entertainment with a standard remote is a tremendous convenience, and the PlayStation 5 Media Remote does a respectable job of fulfilling that function.

Remote control for the PlayStation 5 is exactly what it sounds like. It is not intended to be used as a gaming controller. The PlayStation 5 Media Remote accessory, which is available for just $29.5, is strongly recommended for anybody who intends to use their PlayStation 5 as their primary video-streaming device in the foreseeable future.

PS5 Media Remote Control – Design

PS5 Media Remote design

While the PS5 Media Remote is smaller and more portable than the PlayStation 5, it has a design that is quite similar to the PlayStation 5. The design of the device, which has softly curving white borders and a black border band that runs around the edge of the gadget’s perimeter, is very similar to that of the PlayStation 5.


The height and width (HW) of the object are measured in inches and centimeters, respectively (HW). In terms of height and width (HW), the PS5 Media Remote dimensions (5.7 and 1.6 inches, respectively) are standard, but the object’s thickness at its thickest point (which also happens to be the point at which it is thinnest) is just 0.8 inches (HW).


Every button in the device is created in a flat manner, and the navigation pad is particularly well-thought-out. There is an enormous, plus-shaped navigation pad at the bottom of the screen that is made up of four narrow directional buttons that are crammed together around a small circular confirmation button at the very bottom of it.

Individual buttons on the remote are difficult to navigate when compared to the huge, clicky navigation pads found on remotes for the ‘Amazon Fire TV Stick’ and ‘Google Chromecast’ with Google TV, both of which are also sold separately. Since the buttons are small, the plus-shaped arrangement under the thumb is easy to discern. No matter how little the buttons are, they are functional and because of their small size, they are quite effective, which is a blessing.

A set of buttons above the navigation pad, in addition to regulating the TV’s power, mute, and volume up/down functions, also functions as a microphone button, which may be used in conjunction with the PlayStation 5’s voice control functionality.

To play and navigate through menus, all of the buttons are located below the navigation pad on the right-hand side of the screen, just below the power button. There are additional buttons for specific services such as Disney+, Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube, all of which may be accessed from this area, as well.

PS5 Media Remote Extra Buttons

In addition, there is a little PlayStation logo at the bottom of the PS5 Media remote control, which serves as the system’s “home” button.

Instructions On How to Pair and Use the Ps5 Media Remote

It is necessary to follow the steps below in order for the PS5 Media remote control to be functional with the television set.

How to Connect PS5 Media Remote to TV


To get started,

  • Go to the PlayStation 5’s menu system and choose Accessories from the drop-down menu that appears on the screen.
  • Following a successful connection of the remote control to your computer, you will need to press and hold two buttons on the remote control for a few seconds on each subsequent connection in order to reconnect the device.
  • After the remote controller has been discovered by the system, it may be used to browse around the system’s menus.

Those seeking technical performance will be pleased to know that the remote control offers exactly what it should, enabling you to access the PS5’s media capabilities with the same ease as you would with a regular remote control (instead of a gamepad, which feels awkward for managing playback).

This product has been a delight to work with, and I’ve had no trouble navigating between various menus or browsing through material libraries on the multiple programs that I was using at the time of writing this review.

One button click will provide access to Disney+, Netflix, and YouTube, all of which are visually appealing. The buttons themselves are also aesthetically pleasing. With TV control buttons, I can easily change the volume on my television without having to use a separate remote control, which saves me time and money!

A Must-Have PS5 Media Control Add-on

PS5 Media Remote AddOn

PS5 Media Remote streamlines the process of managing the volume of your television and provides quick-access buttons for chosen streaming services.

The volume of the television and the playback may also be controlled more easily as a result of this. Moreover, it is feasible that the addition of new features and capabilities to the PlayStation 5 platform will result in an overall improvement in the PlayStation 5 user experience. This is done via the use of a standard remote control, which is far easier to use when lying down on the couch than the DualSense remote control.

PS5 Media Remote Control – Pricing

If you plan to utilize the PlayStation 5 as your primary media center, it should be regarded as a prudent purchase, and the $29.95 you paid for it should be considered a good investment in your future.

What Should I Do If My PS5 Media Remote Isn’t Functioning?

Take the batteries out of your remote control and set them aside before continuing with any of the troubleshooting options.

Following removal and double-checking of the batteries, they must be promptly reinserted in the correct polarity (negative/positive). This will restore the functionality of the PS5 Media Remote.

An End to a Long Story

PS5 Media Remote is an excellent addition to your PlayStation 5, particularly if you want to use the system as your main media streamer due to the fact that it enables you to control playback with only one hand.

Written by Syed Daniyal Hussain

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