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PowerA Nintendo Switch Wired Controller Review

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The PowerA Nintendo switch wired controller is an essential must-have for every serious gaming player. It offers exceptional value for money because of its overall high quality and inexpensive cost.

In spite of the fact that the Nintendo Switch is a brilliant piece of technology, it does have a number of issues that need to be addressed before it can be considered completely functioning. Think about it this way: instead of having large-high-quality Nintendo sticks, the Joy-Con controllers feature little thumbsticks that feel more like the microscopic ones seen on the PlayStation Vita.

A wireless Pro Controller was developed by Nintendo to provide gamers with an alternative to the cable Pro Controller and to provide them with additional possibilities. This was done in anticipation of the chance that certain gamers will have difficulties with the cable controller. Even after paying for a brand-new Switch as well as a handful of new games, $69.99 is a significant sum of money to spend on a video game system.

This has been made feasible in great part by the efforts of PowerA, a third-party company that develops cable Switch controllers that are far less expensive than their wireless counterparts while yet giving an equivalent performance to wireless controllers.

PowerA Nintendo Switch Wired Controller Review

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The Look and Feel

When I reached for the PowerA Nintendo switch wired controller, the first thing that struck me was how natural and comfortable my hands seemed to be in their relationship with the device. When I was holding the grips, my hands felt soft and comfortable, which was similar to how an Xbox One controller feels in your hands when you’re using it.

PowerA Nintendo Switch Wired Controller

This is done in order to provide players with a wonderful sense of touch and accuracy when they are engaging in the sport that they like doing. In order to improve feel and accuracy, the thumb grips on the controller are all the same size and have an outside ring around the circle, as seen in the image.

When seen from a distance, they seem to have a vibrant appearance on the buttons’ faces, yet when viewed up close, they do not appear to be oppressive in their appearance. Because none of the buttons were stuck at any time during my testing, it was determined that my concerns regarding their functionality were unjustified. It is worth noting that not only do the buttons have a tactile feel comparable to that of a real Nintendo controller, but they also represent a major improvement over the controller that came with the device.

Shoulder Buttons

With the introduction of the GameCube system in 2001, Nintendo took the decision to phase out the usage of analog shoulder buttons in favor of digital shoulder buttons. This choice was taken in order to improve performance when playing video games. A digital shoulder button, which debuted with the launch of the Wii and was originally utilized by the GameCube, was the first Nintendo system to make use of the technology.

It’s a welcome change from the shoulder buttons, as the shoulder buttons on the Switch Pro controller feel and function more similarly to the shoulder buttons on the Wii U controller. It is possible that players may feel pain when switching between the shooter and racing-oriented shoulder controls on the device during the transition between the modes due to the lack of mobility.

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Although the sensitivity and accuracy of the D-pad of a tiny wired controller are not altered by the controller’s small size, the controller’s small size has not resulted in any of these attributes being downgraded. The D-spongy pad’s design is an upgrade over the shape of the D-pad that was previously available. Each size of the D-spongy pad is available for purchase individually, with the small being the smallest and the large being the largest offered.


Although the costly cost of the PowerA controllers should be taken into account, the fact that no rumble nor NFC technologies are incorporated seems to be an unexpected decision. Although none of these flaws are viewed as deal breakers, they are to blame for the asking price is lower than the price at which it was initially put on the market when it was first advertised.



If you play Splatoon 2 with regular Joy-Cons instead of the PowerA Nintendo switch wired controller, the difference between the two is instantly noticeable, as is the performance boost that results as a consequence of utilizing the PowerA Nintendo switch wired controller. Since a roller has the power to quickly kill an opponent, the PowerA proved to be a fantastic weapon for splattering my opponents all the way to their neon-inky deaths.

The PowerA button may be used for a multitude of activities more than merely firing weapons in ‘Mario Kart 8’. Furthermore, it may be advantageous while going through tight turns and bends. After doing some online studies on the Nintendo Pro Controller, it was easy to determine most hard-core players were using PowerA Nintendo switch wired controller. Despite the fact that I was nowhere near the level of these pro-gamers, I was confident that I possessed the necessary abilities to compete on their level with the usage of PowerA Nintendo Switch Wired Controller.



PowerA Nintendo switch wired controller’s surface will be adorned with brilliant and vivid artwork, which will be one of the most crucial elements in many Nintendo fans’ decision to acquire the controller. PowerA Nintendo switch wired controllers are available in a variety of designs, including Mario and Link, Splatoon, Donkey Kong and Bowser, and even Yoshi, which may be purchased as an alternative to the regular PowerA wired controller design. However, the standard design is the one that is most often utilized.

If the controllers in this collection are examined in sufficient depth, they may be identified as real relics of Nintendo history. This is due to the fact that each PowerA Nintendo switch wired controller has its own distinct visual pop and flare, which contributes to the circumstances. Aside from providing a unique appearance and feel, the smooth metallic surface of the D-pads also infuses them with a sense of flare and substance, which enhances the entire design and performance of the controllers. A tremendous amount of work was clearly put in by PowerA to guarantee that each controller seemed to be in the best possible condition.

Splatoon, on the other hand, stands out as my personal favorite among the many other alternatives that are now accessible to us. All of the controllers have exceptional artwork on them including an underlayer that incorporates silhouettes of the game series characters.

The Wire/Cable


An 8-foot microUSB cable is required to connect it to the computer. It is not included in the package. Despite the fact that it is a bit out of date, dealing with it and keeping it up to speed with current technology is not a significant burden.

However, it is the input itself that is the basis of contention between the two individuals engaged in this particular instance. The USB cable has been threaded through a tiny notch in the tunnel in order to execute the role that it was originally designed to complete.

The micro-USB cable that comes with the PowerA Nintendo switch wired controller has a small indentation on one end that serves as a guide for the cable when it is connected to the controller. This makes using the micro-USB cable that comes with the PowerA controller relatively simple.

What would happen if you were to lose your cable?

So, what would happen if you were to lose your cable, which happened to me lately and is discussed in further detail down in this section.

It is possible that finding a microUSB cable that is compatible with your controller may be a time-consuming and challenging task. It is possible that you may get upset and dissatisfied with the results if you are unsuccessful in your quest for an adequate microUSB cable. Further inquiry revealed that the microUSB cables I was holding in my hands were completely ineffective, and as a consequence of this unexpected discovery, I was obliged to throw them out of my possession.

I eventually quit trying after discovering that none of these alternatives were available for purchase on PowerA’s website or in Google search results when I visited the site and attempted to buy new cables after multiple fruitless efforts.

This means that if a suitable replacement micro-USB cable is not easily available, it is probable that your PowerA Nintendo switch wired controller will be rendered mostly useless until you can get one from the manufacturer.

Concluding Remarks

In accordance with the findings of my investigation, the PowerA Nintendo switch wired controller seems to be in satisfactory functioning condition. Despite the fact that it is not very appealing on the exterior, it is really pleasant to perform well on the inside. When I switched from my conventional Joy-Cons to the Splatoon Joy-Cons, I observed a considerable improvement in my Splatoon performance, which I noticed very immediately after making the move.

When compared to the original Switch Pro Controller, which sells for more than double the price of this controller, this controller offers a fantastic value in terms of pricing. Because of the limitations of wired controllers, the PowerA Nintendo switch wired controller is an essential must-have for every serious gaming player. It offers exceptional value for money because of its overall high quality and inexpensive cost.

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