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Sniper Elite 5 Game Review: A New Take on an Old Classic

Sniper Elite 5 Game Review 2022
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Sniper Elite 5 Game Review

New Sniper Elite 5, the most current chapter in the long-running series of first-person shooters that takes place during World War II, was released in 2017. This marked the continuation of the franchise. You play the part of Karl Fairburn, an accomplished marksman known by his alias, “Desert Ghost.” The player has the ability to take on the role of Karl, the series’ primary protagonist, as they go through the game. Fairburn exemplifies the stereotypical image of a battle-hardened, unflappable soldier who, for the most part, is devoid of any kind of personality.

Because he does not have any features or characteristics that would set him apart from the other participants in a group of serious, middle-aged white guys who play the commanders in most war games, it would be impossible to pick him out of a lineup of people who fit this description. The objective Fairburn is charming and won’t provoke any hostility from the player, but it also doesn’t advance the story, which is an issue that will persist for the rest of the campaign in Sniper Elite 5. If you want to get more information about gaming then you can read gaming reviews online.

Sniper Elite 5: The Gameplay

The gameplay consists of the tried-and-true combination of third-person action and stealth, with the added bonus of being able to play in first-person as a prize that may be earned later on in the game. Even when judged only on the basis of its own merits, the strategy of sniping nevertheless has a certain degree of effectiveness. It is a genuinely difficult job to be able to set up a long-distance shot while simultaneously taking into consideration how far the bullet will go and how much it will fall once it has left the gun.


New Sniper Elite 5 Game Review - Graphics

When you make the perfect shot, the X-ray cam will show you the terrible pleasure of seeing bones and organs break as a result of the power of a high-caliber bullet impacting them. This is a sense that is highly rewarding, yet at the same time it is quite uncomfortable.

The fact that you do not spend the great majority of your time sniping is a difficulty for the team because of the manner in which it affects the dynamic of the squad. When trying to sneak into smaller sandbox areas that have a number of different entrances and exits, you will have to do a lot of crawling in order to avoid being discovered by the Nazis and destroyed.

Stealth Experience

New Sniper Elite 5 Review - Stealth

One of the biggest issues with Sniper Elite 5 is that it is not a very good stealth game. This is one of the game’s biggest faults. The cornerstone of the stealth experience is centered on recurrent components of the gameplay, such as concealing oneself in thick grass, hitting enemies by slapping them in the back of the head to leave them unconscious, and hurling bottles to redirect attention away from another place.

There is not a single aspect of any of it that can be regarded as unique or creative, and none of it develops over the course of time. You have two choices available to you in the case that you manage to let the enemy know where you are. You can either choose to wait it out or you can just hide behind a corner and kill every soldier that comes racing at you.

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It is such a pity that the sniper, which is the most pleasant component of the game, is obscured by the stealth element, which is the least interesting aspect of the game. Timing shots as aircraft pass by in order to provide cover is not a novel notion; but, timing shots as planes fly by in order to knock the testicles off of a Nazi from 200 meters away in order to rescue France is hilariously delightful every time you have the opportunity to do so in order to save France.

Sniper Elite 5: Blending

sniper elite 5 release date

It is possible to go through the missions more than once, and each time you do so, you will start in a different location. In addition, you will be charged with performing additional missions and seeking for hidden treasures. As a result of the addition of workbenches to the game, you now have the option to make changes to your loadout and weaponry even while you are in the midst of playing the game.

Exploring each level to find the secret workbenches is time well spent considering that doing so will also provide access to the upgrade components themselves. Once that’s done, you’ll have the option to put them to use to go farther in the game. It does an outstanding job at enticing you to examine regions that are located away from the main highway, despite the fact that it is lacking a significant amount of content that it typically would have.

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You may get experience points by taking part in a variety of activities; these points can then be used toward a progression system that will enable you to advance in level. In point of fact, the advantages that may be acquired by doing so are, for the most part, not comparable to the additional amount of effort that is necessary to attain them. You will not get any benefits as you level up that will affect the way you play the game, nor will you become a more powerful, superhuman machine sniper as a consequence of these perks.

The fact that you have to keep returning back through the same levels only to use the same terrible stealth strategy in slightly different ways makes this not nearly as exciting as it might be. While participating in the countless assassination missions, there are, however, a great many other activities that one may participate in to pass the time and occupy oneself. These activities include certain levels, much like the more recent installments of the Hitman video game series, are rigged with traps and other obstacles that have been purposely intended to kill targets.

The goal of these obstacles is to prevent the player from progressing through the stage. Those who are there at the time when a person who is known to have an irrational phobia of rats is eliminated with the use of a rat bomb provide themselves with a tremendous source of delight. It is not impossible to have a hearty laugh while at the same time bringing someone to their knees with a chandelier.

Sniper Elite Games Review

Multiplayer Mode

New Sniper Elite 5 - Multiplayer

The sensation of curiosity is amplified in various different ways, one of which is through the inclusion of a huge cast of individuals. Throughout the whole of the campaign, you will have the opportunity to take part in co-op play with a buddy.

It is a lot more fun to work together with other people to eliminate the bad guys, share supplies, and coordinate attacks than it is to have to sneak around from one place to another while hoping that you can shoot someone without a whole battalion hearing you. This is because it is much more likely that the bad guys will hear you if you have to sneak around.

Player VERSUS Player Mode

New Sniper Elite 5 Review - PVP

Players who take pleasure in fighting against one another in deathmatches will be glad to learn that a few traditional player vs player modes are accessible to them in this game. On the other hand, owing to the restricted scope of their gameplay and the absence of any real advancement, these modes create the sense that they were just included to make a feature list rather than being an integral component of the Sniper Elite 5 experience.


New Sniper Elite 5 Review - Invasion

On top of that, there is a method for invading their area that may be used. If you are connected to the internet and have not opted out of the experience, another player might join your game as Jager, an elite Nazi sniper, at any point during a mission. This scenario is only possible if you have not opted out of participating in the experience.

Because the invading player has the opportunity to collect information from the NPC troops that are engaged in a game of “kill or be killed,”. It is a great thing to tamper with because the NPC forces are in direct competition with one other. This makes it a more exciting experience.

There is no true reward or punishment for being killed by an invasion, nor is there any reward for murdering an invader. As a consequence of doing so, the only things that may be gained are cosmetic items, and accomplishments or trophies. It is more of an annoyance than anything else, and it will almost always result in your death, which will need you to load a previous save file in order to continue playing the game. This will make it difficult to complete the game.

Sniper Elite 5 — The Author’s Concluding Verdict

New Sniper Elite 5 Author Review

There is some entertaining sniper action in Sniper Elite 5, but the game has so many barriers between the player and it, such as terrible stealth, a protagonist who makes the player want to nod off, and a PVP system that is only partially developed. Despite these barriers, there is some entertaining sniper action in new Sniper Elite 5.

It is tough to suggest this experience to anybody who is not already a fan of the series since there are intervals of enjoyment that are interspersed with extended lengths of effort that are tedious. Because of this, it is difficult to recommend this experience to anyone.

If you are really enthusiastic about games that take place during World War II, if you are a devoted fan of the computer game Sniper Elite, or if you simply really need to fracture some vertebrae with bullets, you may want to have a look at this. To those who have not been chosen to be the beneficiaries of this gift, it is highly recommended that they search for opportunities in other places.


  • Sniping is an activity that is both pleasurable and satisfying.
  • Strong level variety.
  • The objective was crafted with the idea that it might be played again in mind throughout the planning process.
  • Many clumsy efforts were made to be stealthy.
  • The main character who has the most ability to connect with a wide audience.
  • The multiplayer function is completely pointless and seems to have been added as an afterthought.

Sniper Elite 5 Release Date

Initial release date: May 26, 2022

Developer: Rebellion Developments

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows

Around twelve to fourteen and a half hours in total duration.

If you are just interested in the main storyline, it should take you around 12 hours to complete the main campaign in Sniper Elite 5. On the other hand, if you want to finish the game and complete all of the optional side quests and look for all of the hidden treasures, it will take you close to thirty hours or more. If you complete the game’s objectives in their entirety, including completing each and every one of the side missions, you will be rewarded with each and every one of the riches.

To successfully install Sniper Elite 5, you will want a minimum of 85 gigabytes (GB) of free space on your hard drive. Sniper Elite 5 may be played on personal computer systems running Windows 10 or later.

Written by Syed Daniyal Hussain

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